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    • Helms Aero Service:

      See the Adirondacks from the air! Scenic flights available seven days a week May through October. Rides last approximately 20 minutes and travel roughly 25 to 30 miles. Route may be varied upon request. Camping, hunting and fishing trips are also available, as well as longer scenic trips including touring the Great Camps or the High Peaks. An incredible birdseye view of the 6 million acres of the Adirondacks. Experienced pilots navigate and tell you the history of our area. It’s an incredible experience. Book a trip, you won’t want to miss this!
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    • W.W. Durant:

      Celebrating 20 years of service, family owned and operated since 1991.

      Cruise and dine on Raquette Lake and view the breathtaking scenery of historic great camps on the Adirondack’s largest natural lake! Board the W.W. Durant and enjoy lunch, dinner or Sunday champagne brunch with a narrated tour Memorial Day through Columbus Day. A variety of cruises are offered so something for everyone – family-friendly pizza and sightseeing cruises, moonlight cruise with live entertainment, intimate dining for a romantic escape. From Dec 26th through the winter the WW Durant ice boat is open, tied up at the dock. Casual Food and Beverage.

      The W.W. Durant is an elegant 60 foot double decked vessel with turn of the century decor, heated dining room and gourmet food. People love crusies, history , beautiful scenery. People love being taken care of. Captain Dean, the Pohl family and RLN staff provide what people love! Available for private charger. Gift Certificates.


      Book Online at: W.W. Durant
    • Great Camp Sagamore:

      Welcome to Great Camp Sagamore in the Adirondacks at Raquette Lake, NY. Our 27 authentic National Historic Landmark designated buildings were the wilderness estate of the Vanderbilt family from 1901-1954. We are open to the public for accommodations and tours (video) from Memorial Day until mid-October. Check for availability for a relaxing weekend, retreat, family event or an Exploritas (formerly Elderhostel) course. Our Grands Camp sessions in summer are nationally acclaimed. 518.624.1234

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    • The Wild Center:

      The new museum where the wild world of the Adirondacks opens before your eyes. The Wild Center has live exhibits. Hike and explore the museums 31-acre campus with naturalist guides or on your own. There are theaters with high definition films, hands-on nature and hundreds of live animals from rare native trout, river otters, turtles the size of walnuts and many other often hard-to-see residents of the woods and waters.

      Visit Their Website: Wild Center
    • Long Lake Boat Tours:

      Long Lake Boat Tours offers a 22 mile round trip tour of Long Lake, it’s beautiful camps and islands and mountain views on a comfortable covered pontoon boat. Grab a bite to eat at the Knoshery and you’re on your way with Captain Martin Friedman. A great way to explore the lake without getting your feet wet, and hear the lore of yesterday. Opens June 26 thru Sept 6 daily at 11am and 2pm.

    • Sunset Cruise. Call 518.624.3911 and reserve before 5pm. |  Visit Their Website: Long Lake Boat Tours
    • Adirondac Rafting Company:

      Adirondac Rafting Co. invites you to enjoy one of the finest New York rafting adventures in the east. Our season begins in early April and runs through mid October (Columbus Day). Our river trips vary from family fun to raging big water.

      Rafting in the summer is the ideal time to experience this wilderness Class III river in the warm months. The comforts of summer weather allows rafters time to enjoy a swim and riverside lunch in between entertaining rapids. Controlled dam released water enables rafting throughout the warm months. Summer on the river is the ideal time for families to experience this majestic Adirondack river.

      Scheduled Trip Dates
      April / May: Weekends, Weekdays for groups of 6 or more.
      June / July / August: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.
      September / October: Weekends, Tuesday & Thursday for groups of 6 or more.

    • Rafting Reservations. Call 800.510.RAFT (7238) | Visit Their Website: Adirondac Rafting
    • Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts:

      Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake. 10 miles from Long Lake, 12 miles from Raquette Lake. Offering gallery hours, workshops and theatrical productions including Shakespeare in the Park production of Twelfth Night. See it in Long Lake on July 25 at the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion at 7pm and at the Raquette Lake Village Green at 2pm on June 28th. This production is free, but check out their other productions all year long.

      518.352.7715 |  Book Online at: Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts

    • Santanoni Wagon Rides:

      Hitch a ride into the Santanoni Preserve with Santanoni Wagon Rides. The 12,500 acre preserve is home to the Santanoni Lodge built from 1892-93, owned at that time by Robert C. Pruyn, a prominent Albany banker and businessman. Great Camp Santanoni, now owned by New York State and incorporated into the State Forest Preserve, is open to the public. Camp Santanoni is open year-round, 365 days/year, 24 hours/day, and is accessible on foot, by bicycle, on cross-country skis, and via a horse-drawn wagon. In the summer, visitors can walk or bike 4.7 miles into the camp or take advantage of a beautiful, flat 10-mile ski trip. Santanoni is located on route 28N across from the Newcomb Town Hall. This is a definite must-visit for visitors exploring the Long Lake area!

      For more info on Great Camp Santanoni: Visit Santanoni

    • Buttercup Steamboat:

      The Buttercup Steamboat had been transported over snow and ice from Raquette Lake in the winter of 1882 by Thomas and William West Durant. They were interested in providing steamboat service from the Deerland end of Long Lake to a landing six miles down the Raquette River. The Durants also erected a dam on the Raquette River north of Long Lake in order to keep the lake and river level high enough for the steamboat’s easy access to docks. An unforeseen result was that water covered all the sand beaches along the lakeshore for which Long Lake is known.

      In August, 1885 when the Buttercup was tied to the Sagamore Hotel dock, it was towed to the middle of the lake about 500 feet off the Sagamore Hotel bluff and sunk by angry Guides. They were angry because steamboats were cutting into their business of transporting tourists and sports around the lake.

      That same night, the watchman at the Raquette River dam was startled when a bullet exploded into his campfire. Taking the hint, he took off into the woods. Shortly afterwards there was a loud explosion and the Raquette River dam was no more and the sand beaches once again emerged along the shore.

      This well planned and executed plot did not go unnoticed but the culprits were never apprehended, identified or prosecuted. Theories abound even today as to the names of the Guides that were involved.

      The Long Lake Archives building and the Buttercup are located behind the Long Lake Town Offices and are open to the public on Tuesdays from 9 am until noon, or by appointment by calling 624-5378.


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    • Adirondack Museum:

      A regional museum of history and art. Explore Adirondack history in 22 exhibit spaces. New exhibit in 2010: Let’s Eat! Adirondack Food Traditions. Special exhibits: Common Threads: 150 Years of Adirondack Quilts and Comforters and A “Wild, Unsettled Country”: Early Reflections of the Adirondacks. Enjoy lively events and activities for all ages, the Lake View Café and Museum Store.

      Visit Their Website: Adirondack Museum