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    • The Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake:

      The Adirondack Museum believes in the power of history to ignite the imagination, stimulate thought and shape the future. Our collections and engaging programs reflect stories of life, work, and play in the Adirondack Park and northern New York State. The Adirondack Museum shares the stories of the Adirondacks ā€” tales of work, play, creativity, and community ā€” through research, collections, and classes. Whether you are a scholar, a fourth grade teacher, or simply a person with a love of history we invite you to discover the breadth of our resources and learn more about the Adirondack region.

      Join us for events demonstrations and a mountain of wonderful exhibits to delight the senses.

      Special Announcement. Admission Rates for 2011 have decreased! Call or check them out on the web. Make this a family vacation they will never forget!

      CALL TODAY: 518.352.7311 | Visit Our Website:

    • The Wild Center at Tupper Lake:

      Located in Tupper Lake, the Wild Center is geared for families and is loaded with information about the science of our natural surrounding and their inhabitants.

      Call today: 518.359.3253

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    • Great Camp Sagamore:

      Great Camp Sagamore is located in Raquette Lake, NY. Our 27 authentic National Historic Landmark designated buildings were the wilderness estate of the Vanderbilt family from 1901-1954. We are open to the public for accommodations and tours (video) from Memorial Day until mid-October. Check for availability for a relaxing weekend, retreat, family event or an Exploritas (formerly Elderhostel) course. Our Grands Camp sessions in summer are nationally acclaimed.

      Dedicated to the enjoyment of education, interpretation & historic preservation, Great Camp Sagamore is not a hotel, it is a bit of history. Register today to win a free weekend ‘Simply Sagamore Stay’.

      315.354.5311 | Visit Our Website: