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    • Cedar River Golf Course  |  Indian Lake:

      Just 20 minutes away from Long Lake, it offers a challenging course, and an experience where golf and nature meet. Cedar River is a natural little golf course laid out to follow the river. The river frames the third green on three sides. Vista-wise, it was the most pure Adirondack track of the summer. The last hole required a near vertical pitch of maybe fifty feet, and is one of the Adirondacks’ great elevated finishing holes, on par with those of the Lake Placid Mountain Course and the Barracks.

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    • High Peaks Golf Course |  Newcomb NY:

      Located in the Newcomb, NY a hidden treasure just 15 minutes from Long Lake. Fairways, greens and views of the surrounding high peaks blend seamlessly to make for a memorable golfing experience. Each of the course’s nine holes, winding along the upper Hudson River, presents experienced golfers and new players with unique and interesting challenges.


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    • Wakely Lodge Golf Course  |  Indian Lake:

      Indian lake has two nine hole golf courses. Nestled in the Beautiful Adirondack Park is the perfect place where golf and nature meet. The relaxing yet challenging courses are surrounded by majestic mountains, rushing brooks, rivers and lakes. Greens fees are moderate ($12 for nine holes and $18 for 18 holes) and a restaurant, craft shop as well as pro shop is available.


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