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Upper Hudson Recreation Hub Seeks Wild Forest Classifcation


The Five Towns of Newcomb, Minerva, Indian Lake, Long Lake and North Hudson have joined together as the Upper Hudson Recreation Hub to facilitate and lobby for the only economically and environmentally viable classification for the newly acquired 69.000 acres of the former Finch Pruyn lands. The lands are being added to the Adirondack Forest Preserve, publicly owned lands within the Adirondack Park. Wild Forest is the only classification of these lands that will sustain and grow the economy of the Five-Towns of the Upper Hudson Recreation Hub located in the central Adirondacks.

The Upper Hudson Recreation Hub calls on a promise made by Governor Andrew Cuomo that the purchase of these lands will increase the economic opportunities of the 5-Towns by promoting unparalleled, all-access, year-round, four-season recreational activities for residents and visitors.

Viable economic opportunities cannot be leveraged without motorized access for users to increase visitor traffic in and out of the lands. The 5-Towns propose motorized use on an already-established extensive network of logging roads including already established motorized, historical entries at Indian Lake and Newcomb. Vast recreational activities should be permitted including, but not limited to hiking, canoeing, camping, snowmobiling tracked grooming, hunting, skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding, dog-sledding, seaplane activity and ATV riding.

In addition to promoting the active use of the lands, the Upper Hudson Recreation Hub seeks to preserve and maintain the Outer Gooley Farmhouse, and the Boreas Pond Lodge, which are historical brick and mortar assets available for immediate use and occupancy. These buildings have untapped potential and will afford opportunities including, but not limited to: working space for recreation, training, education, visitor information, outpost for rangers and safety personnel, or as a public facility to stage events or as lodging.

The Upper Hudson Recreation Hub recognizes land classification must be equal and fair to all citizens. Local entrepreneurial business owners must be afforded an economic benefit and see an increase in visitor traffic in all five-communities. Recreational opportunities must be all-inclusive and diverse to compete on a global stage.

The Upper Hudson Recreation Hub seeks support from the public, property owners, residents, students and interested citizens of all ages to attend hearings and have their voices heard. The Upper Hudson Recreation Hub seeks the newly acquired property to benefit all residents and visitors of New York State and not just an elite few. The Upper Hudson Recreation Hub vehemently believes in order to achieve the greatest economic benefit there must be maximum use of those lands, including motorized use to provide easy, up close access to ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and trails by all citizens, including the elderly, handicapped, disabled and physically challenged.
The Upper Hudson Recreation Hub fervently stands by their position that there is no other suitable classification for these public lands other than Wild Forest.

The Upper Hudson Recreation Hub invites the public to attend the hearings and support their position.

Following is the full schedule:
June 12. APA offices, Ray Brook, 6 p.m.
June 17. Minerva Central School, Olmstedville, 1 p.m.
June 17. Newcomb Central School, 7 p.m.
June 19. Downtown Conference Center at Pace University, 157 William Street, 18th Floor, Manhattan, 6 p.m.
June 25. Indian Lake Central School, 6 p.m.
July 1. The Harley School, Rochester, 7 p.m.
July 2. DEC headquarters, Albany, 1 p.m.
July 2. Warren County Board of Supervisors Room, Lake George, 7 p.m.


Moose Sighting Long Lake, NY Adirondacks

With reports of snow and a nor’easter it seemed the story this morning would be weather, but upon checking my personal facebook page and town worker Chris Hample texted “I just saw a Moose swimming in Jennings Park Pond” I knew it was happening… NOW.

Hopped in the car to do a moose chase. Where to go. Skirted down route 30 towards the town beach keeping eyes peeled, nothing. Saw some action at the Adirondack Hotel, nothing. Headed back to the town office and grabbed an associate to keep an eye out and finally met success.

Spotted it in the parking lot at Long Lake Central School, where it then traveled down the dirt road to the ball field, it crossed the ball field, hopped back into Jennings Park Pond and headed towards the post office.

Things that run through your mind when chasing a moose. “Will it charge me?” “Why is she looking at me that way?” “She looks like a stump while he swims across the pond” “Ummm.. is that a he or a she? No horns, must be a she” “I should have paid closer attention at The Wild Center.” Ummmmm

It was a pretty incredible sight to behold. First time ever sighting. And to think when I was a kid they used to say there were no turkeys and no moose. Glad to say things have turned around.

Photos by Alexandra Roalsvig

Year in Review Long Lake

What do you remember about 2011? Well already a day has gone by and I’m sure I missed something. So maybe you got to spend a lot of time in Long Lake this year, or maybe you kept in touch via updates and twitter and your friends and relatives. Maybe you drove down Route 30/28N and decided to spontaneously stay for the night and found a Barber Shop Quartet singing on the beach or Martin Sexton signing autographs. Long Lake is small, but makes the most of the seasons and even though we’re off the beaten path and not right off the railroad tracks or the Northway, we still have our fingers on the pulse (from a quiet distance)

The video is a timeline with both events in and around Long Lake and Raquette Lake interspersed with some images of notable news figures of the past year. Trivia is so popular an event, one of the upcoming questions may revolve around some of the images in this piece – so watch carefully.

What did we miss? I know you’ll be sure to tell me.

See you in 2012. Enjoy the show. Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club Winter Carnival is coming up on January 14, 2012.. THINK SNOW!

This video doesn’t exist

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In Long Lake we always have breaking news. The trick is to find the best, most non-obtrusive way to deliver it to you.

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Touch Football game on Thanksgiving 2011

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Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Now we’re gearing up for Celebrate the Season launching on Friday, so check out for the breakdown on the events.

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View from the beach

Long Boat Regatta

On September 24, 2011 the Town of Long Lake was the site for the Long Boat Regatta. This race is sponsored by the Adirondack Watershed Alliance. The race kicked off from the Long Lake Town Beach on route 30 at 10am.

On Saturday morning there was a slight mist in the air and the lake was pure glass as the boats launched. War Canoes traveled South West to Moose Island as all other boats head northeast towards Round Island.

This race features the 22-Mile North American War Canoe Championships, and a 15-mile race on Long Lake. Other events include the Adirondack Kayak Championships, a 15 – Mile C-4 marathon, and guideboat and “Anything goes” races for youth and adults. All races begin and end at the beach across from the Adirondack Hotel and it is always held on the last Saturday in September. Great time for fall foliage.

The following video features the 2011 race. Congratulations and thank you to all the paddlers that participated. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

For more information on this event and the Adirondack Watershed Alliance check out their page at AWA Racing Information at

Special Thanks to the Long Lake Lions Club for serving food, the Long Lake Fire Department for use of their boat and the AARL for their Ham Radio operations.

Christmas Season Hits Long Lake

On Thursday, December 16th the Long Lake Town Hall Senior Nutrition Site was visited by Santa Claus. Folks of all ages joined together in a traditional holiday feast served up by the Warren / Hamilton County Office of the Aging. The Town of Long Lake and area businesses joined forces to provide fun surprise gifts from area businesses.

Area businesses donated a portion or the full amount to the program including Stewart’s Shops, providing over $125 in gift cards, Kickerville Mobil, Shear Images, Hoss’s Country Corner, The Cellar Restaurant and Pub, the Adirondack Hotel, Natural Beauty, Cyber Creek Internet Deli and Café, the Long Lake Diner, and Bozak’s Garage.

The prizes were handed out by Santa Claus, Bob Tice, and Supervisor Clark Seaman. Winners included: June Musmerci, Delores Traver, Bernie Pfleger, John Rayome, Regina Dunn, Trudy Hooker, Edith Smith, Lorraine Spengler, Richard Williams, Edith Hall and George Green.

The Town of Long Lake Sponsored a Christmas Decorating Contest. Voting was open to the public and we had fifteen paper ballots and seven on-line ballots.


Best Decorated Home:

1st: Johnny and Lisa Walker

2nd: Valerie and Norm Galvagni

3rd: Sam and Jim Bateman

Best Decorated Business:
(Camera froze – picture to be taken)

1st: Hoss’s

2nd: The Cellar

(Camera Froze – picture to be taken)
3rd: Shear Images

Congratulations and have a safe, healthy holiday season.

Got plans for New Years? Come to Long Lake and ride the free bus around town to get to all the New Year’s Celebrations. In fact, book all your winter weekend getaways in Long Lake. Great fun for the kids and always fun for the grownups!

Kentile’s Home on Rice Road

Howe’s Home on Deerland Road

Fishing Derby Schedule 2010

Great Transport to Remote Fishing Waters

Long Lake and Raquette Lake boast several fishing derbies throughout the year. At last count there was a total of eight slated per year and launching winter 2011 will be a season long ice-fishing competition, big cash prizes awarded all season.

We are gearing up for spring fishing. Here the dates for the rest of 2010.

May 21 – 22nd 4th Annual Lamphear Memorial Fishing Derby in Raquette Lake. Register RL Tap Room. Prizes for perch, bullhead, brook trout and lake trout.

June 5th Kids Fishing Derby Long Lake, Spillway on Jennings Park Pond. The pond is stocked with trout in the spring. Prizes and an Adirondack tradition is carried on with the next generation.

June 19th Bass/Pike Opening Day Fishing Derby. Long Lake. Launch time 6am from LL Town Beach. Cash Prizes for longest Pike, Large & Smallmouth Bass. No entry fee. Weight breaks all ties.

July 24 11th Annual RL Bass Tournament. Pre-registration required. $110 entry fee, two person in a boat max. Weigh in 1:00pm.

August 28-29
2nd Annual LL Bass Fishing Derby. Pre-registration required. $85 per boat, two person max. Mandatory meeting Sat, Aug 28th LL Town Hall 5pm. One team member must be present. Cash Prizes.

Coming up in 2011
Ice Fishing
Lake Eaton, 2nd Saturday in January, weather permitting
Raquette Lake – Mike Norris Derby – Last Saturday in January
Long Lake – Kid/ Adult Derby 1st Saturday in March

Raquette Lake Fishing
Raquette Lake is located Adirondack Mountains of New York State. The lake is the second largest natural lake in the Adirondacks and is approximately six miles long, with a maximum depth of just under 100 feet. It is also the source of the Raquette River.

Raquette Lake is home to the following species of fish brook trout, lake trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, landlocked salmon, northern pike, chain pickerel, perch and bullhead. This lake is stocked yearly with lake trout and brook trout.

The Adirondack region is located in the northeast quadrant of the state. The Adirondacks comprise about 26 percent of the entire land area of New York State. This region contains hundreds of streams and hundreds of lakes and ponds.

The most notable of the lakes are Lake George, Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, Tupper Lake, Long Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Indian Lake, Cranberry Lake, and the Fulton Chain of Lakes.