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Ice Fest

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World renowned ice sculptor Stan Kolonko from the Ice Farm is coming to Raquette Lake and Long Lake for his second Ice Fest event! Festivities kick off in Raquette Lake at Noon on Friday, January 11th. Cozy up for lunch at the Tap Room then make your way over the Raquette Lake Library, 1 Dillon Rd, to witness the first of seven ice sculptures being installed between Long Lake and Raquette Lake.

At 3pm on Friday, Stan will begin his first ice sculpture in Long Lake on behalf of the Long Lake Historical Society. A sculpture of Mitchell Sabattis will be placed in front of the Town Office building along with a call for a Bring/Build Your Own Snowman event. While Stan sculpts we’ll create crowd of snow-people to join Mitchell on the Town Office building front lawn. Bring a snowman or build one here (carrots and “coal” provided!) Parking is available behind the Town Office building, 1130 Deerland Road.

Sculpting ensues Saturday, January 12th at 8am at Hoss’s Country Corner, 1142 Main Street, in Long Lake. Hoss’s will hold a Taxidermy Attire contest to be judged at 9am. The best pelted outfit wins a $20 gift certificate to Hoss’s Country Corner! Hoss’s will also be offering free coffee all day in celebration of Ice Fest activities in Long Lake!

The next carve site Stan will visit is the Shamrock Motel, 1055 Deerland Rd. Carving is slated to begin at 10am, free coffee and donuts will be offered on site! Stan will be installing a large shamrock sculpture at this Long Lake lodging destination.

A chili tasting event will take place at 12:30pm at The Long Lake Diner & Owl’s Head Pub, 1161 Main Street, while Stan goes to work on another ice installation in front of this historic business. Bystanders are invited to try various kinds of chili and breads along with hot beverage specials! The Long Lake Diner & Owl’s Head Pub is also inviting any
community members to bring their own chili to the tasting! Contact Jim or Paula Piraino for more information, 518-624-3941.

At 2:30pm, head to Ali Baba’s Liquor and Wine, 1601 Tupper Road, for an installation of Aladdin’s genie lamp! Ali Baba’s Liquor & Wine will hold a wine tasting for the duration of the sculpting. Enjoy a glass of wine whilst ogling over Stan’s impeccable work.

The final sculpture of the day will be placed at Mt. Sabattis Recreation Center, 12 Pavilion Lane, at 4:30pm. Join us for ice skating and free hot coco to round out this day of ice art! Be there at 5pm donning your tackiest Winter wear for a chance to win a prize! Prizes offered in Tacky Youth and Adult categories.

For more information about this event or any event held in Long Lake or Raquette Lake, contact Danielle at the Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department by phone, 518-624-3077 or email


Lake Eaton Property For Sale in Long Lake, NY

This wooded, waterfront property on the shoreline of Lake Eaton is a blend of rustic elegance, classic Adirondack architecture and modern amenities. It boasts four acres of land, 2000 square feet in the main house and 100 feet of lakefront located in Long Lake, NY.

This single family, year-round home is a tranquil setting with an undisturbed view of Owl’s Head Mountain and Lake Eaton.

Click here: Photo Reel of Lake Eaton Property

Built in 2003, the property features five bedrooms and two wings with cozy sleeping nooks and ample closet space. Two full baths with modern bathrooms including one with a Jacuzzi tub.

The master suite features an incredible vista overlooking Lake Eaton with direct access to a wrap-around deck and a full bathroom with a glassed-in-shower and a sleek, modern design.

Two spiral staircases lead to upstairs sleeping quarters with a birds-eye view of the lake and house. Enjoy a spacious great room with cathedral ceiling and working masonry fireplace. The expansive open gourmet kitchen features stainless steel appliances, professional DCS six burner range, dishwasher, seating for ten, and granite countertops.

Interior Amenities
Indoor amenities include built-in handcrafted rustic cabinetry and rustic furniture boasting plenty of storage space. Appealing pine interior and hardwood floors throughout. Jacuzzi tub, marble floor in master bath, cathedral ceilings, modern glass chandelier, double pane windows, masonry fireplace, wood, carbon monoxide detector, smoke detectors and built in security system. Laundry nook, tongue and groove pine walls. Wooden blinds. French doors, wrap-around porch. DCS six-burner gas range, stainless steel appliances including dishwasher, refrigerator and granite countertops. Forced hot air and propane hot water.

Exterior Features
Boat dock, outdoor lighting, storage shed, storm door, two car garage with automated doors. Stone cut pathways, Fire pit with stone seating. Loft area above the garage which can be used as a family game room or additional sleeping area.

Ample outdoor covered storage
Dock and ramp included
Town water
200 Amp electrical service

To see the property and request a bid packet contact the Long Lake Town Supervisor’s office. Appointments are available to see the property by calling 518-624-3001

Bids are due in the Long Lake Town Offices, 1130 Deerland Road, Long Lake, NY 12847 on Tuesday August 28th 1pm where they will be opened by the Long Lake Town Clerk.

Bidders must meet minimum requirements as outlined in a bidding packet available at the Long Lake Town Offices, 1130 Deerland Road, Long Lake, NY 12847 or by contacting Email lakeeatoncamp@adirondackacres.comor calling and requesting a Bid Packet at 518-624-3001. Bid packets to be available at the Long Lake Town Offices at a date to be announced. Appointments to see property must be made in advance by contacting 518.624.3001

Lake Eaton is a gorgeous, serene lake west of the Hamlet of Long Lake. Located at 76 Robinwood Lane off of NYS route 30, this property is located on Lake Eaton. Lake Eaton is a clear, clean, shallow sandy bottom lake. Lake Eaton boasts bountiful fish including: Lake trout, brook trout, white fish, smelt, smallmouth bass, sunfish, yellow perch, brown bullhead, sucker, rainbow salmon and minnow. Surrounded by wild forest this quiet escape is guaranteed to be a family retreat for years to come.

The Long Lake Town Board reserves the right to reject any bid.

Disclaimer: Information regarding the Lake Eaton Camp at 76 Robinwood Way, Long Lake, provided by the Town of Long Lake is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. “The Lake Eaton Camp Property Auction Procedures” – as revised- govern the process for handling the auction and sale. Please obtain and follow these procedures if interested in purchasing the Lake Eaton Camp.

Shonen Knife Arrives in Long Lake, NY July 28, 2012

If you are in and around the Long Lake area hopefully you’ve seen posters for the upcoming concert for Shonen Knife. I’ve been getting a lot of questions, like “Why Shonen Knife?” “Who is Shonen Knife?” Is it like a Ginsu Knife? Can I get one on the shopping channel?

No, no no…. It’s an underground all-female Japanese pop-punk band hailing from Osaka, Japan and they are heading to Long Lake, NY as one of the stops on their 30th Anniversary Tour. They’ve had an eclectic career, line up changes galore and a sizzling wardrobe that showcases their colorful personalities and they’ve just released their 18th album “Pop Tune” What’s not to love?

Ok – fine, why Long Lake? Well if I told you how I find these people, I would be giving away trade secrets. Let’s just say it’s great to have a close personal tie to the Buffalo Music Scene and a roster of talented friends and musicians with lots of unusual leads.

Is it a risk bringing this band up here? You bet! This is not a traditional country or bluegrass band. Oh no. It’s a thrashy, edgy, guitar licking, power-pop band singing about paperclips and cats and lyrics reminiscent of ice cream cones and anime dreams. So in order to bring this band up here the Parks, Rec & Tourism Office wrote a grant to get funding to get them to make a stop on the tour. Decentralization funding was awarded and the band was booked. Where else would you get this kind of act five hours from New York City in the middle of the Adirondacks for 15 bucks?

Long Lake is all about expecting the unexpected. So I’d like to give a shout out to Good Charamel Records, Robby Takac and Miyoko Hayakawa for helping bring this cool band up to the Adirondacks.

Vacationing in the Adirondacks is kind of like going to a buffet. One day you can hit a canoe route, the next catch some flavorful rock and roll all the way from Japan and the next check out Planet Adirondack at The Wild Center.

So anyway, this tourism director (me) got to do a one and one via email with Naoko Yamano and here are her answers unfiltered.

Catch the show! Saturday, July 28, 2012, Mt. Sabattis Pavilion – Entrance located at 1100 Deerland Road. Tickets $15.

Questions for Naoko and Shonen Knife for Long Lake, NY Adirondacks.
Naoko, vocal & guitar answered:

First of all we are thrilled Shonen Knife will be visiting the Adirondacks on July 28th in New York State this year. Thank you!
Naoko: You are welcome and we are very happy to visit the Adirondacks.
Have you ever heard of the Adirondacks?
Naoko: I’ve never heard of it before. I looked up through internet and found that it’s a beautiful place.
Most people in Long Lake have not heard of Shonen Knife. For someone new to Shonen Knife what albums do you recommend they listen to first?
Naoko: I recommend “Pop Tune” album. It is the most happy, cheerful album. It’s made by the present members, Ritsuko, Emi and I, the most powerful lineup.
What can fans expect in Long Lake for their introduction to Shonen Knife?
Naoko: We’d like to play enjoyable show and make people happy through our music.
I love the video for Perfect Freedom – Long Lake looks like the location in your video! Will you be performing that song on the tour this summer? I HOPE!
Naoko: Thank you very much! We took that video at a big park but it isn’t huge like Long Lake. I’ll make a set list now. I’d like to answer to your request.

What songs get most requested?
Naoko: Since we have more than one hundred repertories, we get requests for many songs like Banana Chips, Twist Barbie, Bear Up Bison, I wanna eat Chocobars, Riding on the Rocket, Cobra versus Mongoose and … so many.

Did you ever get to meet the Ramones?
Naoko: Yes. I first met them in 1995. Since then, I saw them some more times. I wrote the story about it on this page.
Please scroll this page.
How great was it to celebrate 30 years of Shonen Knife with a tribute to the Ramones? Did you hear from any of the remaining Ramones about the album?
Naoko: I like Joey’s solo album. It’s fancy.
How did you start working with Good Charamel Records?
Naoko: 5 years ago, Good Charamel invited me to join the recording of their label band called the Juliet Dagger. I played the guitar and sang for some songs.
Since then we got to know each other.

Shonen Knife has been on the music scene for over 30 years, what keeps you going?
Naoko: I never look back and just look “near future”. I think it makes me keep going. Actually I’m lazy and did never reconsideration and having a future plan, though.

Who wrote the songs on Pop Tune?
Naoko: I wrote all songs on Pop Tune album.

What inspires you to write and how long from pen to paper to music does it take you to write a song?
Naoko: I wrote 9 songs in 9 weeks. The last song of Pop Tune album “Move on” was written 2 years ago.

What inspires you to write your music?
Naoko: My daily life and experience, my favorite things like sweets. Then I expand these things with my imagination.
I wrote my introduction for songs here ↓

How do you keep your energy up while on tour?
Naoko: Playing tennis and keep healthy my physical.

What is your favorite American food to eat?
Naoko: I like American peanuts, mushroom veggie burger, BLT sandwiches and I can’t remember. Everything is good.

How important is technology (cell phones & internet) to what you do?
Naoko: Internet is very useful for us because I can answer your e-mail interview very easily.
I can send this anytime, even in the midnight.
I think too much technology destroy humanity. We have to use technology but shouldn’t be controlled by it.

What’s the biggest show you have ever played?
Naoko: At some rock festivals. Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, Reading Festival in UK, Big Day Out in Australia and NZ, Lollapalooza tour, too.
Opened up for Nirvana shows were big, too.

How long will you keep playing music?
Naoko: I can’t imagine. As long as I can.

Have you ever had your songs on TV? Movies? Commercials? Anime? And which ones? My 12 year old son can’t wait to meet you!
Naoko: Yes. There are so many times and I can’t remember. For Anime, our song “Buttercup” was used for “The Powerpuff Girls”. Our cover of “Top of the World” was used for a movie and CM for Microsoft.
“Ah, Singapore” was used for a movie, too. And we have many more.

How much does American culture affect what you do?
Naoko: Without conscious, I often write songs related American culture. For example, I’ve wrote songs about Barbie doll, Jelly Beans, Bison, All you can eat restaurant in America.

Why is most of your music in English? Do you do two versions of your music? One English and one Japanese? Why English?
Naoko: For me, English is a language of Rock Music because I like American and British rock bands. For some albums, I wrote Japanese lyrics and English lyrics as bilingual songs. For me, English is more getting along my melody lines. Also my English lyrics aren’t so difficult and I’m sure many Japanese understand it. I put lyrics and Japanese translation on inner leaflet of Japanese CD.

You have a fabulous wardrobe, bright, bold, happy, colors that pop. Will we get to see some of your fashion on stage this summer in Long Lake on the tour? Who designs the outfits?
Naoko: Yes, of course. My younger sister Atsuko, who is our original member of Shonen Knife, designs and make the outfits. We are inspired by 60’s and 70’s fashion.

When will you record next?
Naoko: We’ve just released “Pop Tune” and go to UK/Europe tour after North American tour. We can record after next summer, I think.

How many albums have you recorded?
Naoko: 1 cassette album, 16 original full album and 1 cover album, totally, I think.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever performed a show?
Naoko: We always play at cool places.

Long Lake has a year round population of 711 people in 449 square miles. What is the smallest town you have ever played in?
Naoko: Wow 711 people!!! But 449 miles is so huge. 711 people town is the smallest, I think. I wish 712 people.
712 is our secret number. In Japanese, we pronounce Seven is Nana, One is Ichi and 2 is Ni or Futatsu.
Take the first sound of each word. Na-na, I-chi Fu-tasu = Na – I – Fu = naifu = Knife
I feel destiny between Shonen Knife and Long Lake.

What’s next for Shonen Knife?
Naoko: I can’t wait to go to Long Lake and see people. Keep on rockin’!

Shonen Knife is an all-girl power pop punk-rock trio hailing from Osaka, Japan. On July 28th, 2012 Shonen Knife will be performing at the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion in Long Lake with White Mystery as the opener. Doors Open at 5pm. Concert Starts at 6pm. Tickets are $15 and kids under 12 are free. Call 518.624.3077 for info. Tickets are cash or check only. Sorry, no credit cards. T-shirts and merch will be available on site!

The Mt. Sabattis Pavilion is a covered open-air facility. It is recommended to bring coolers, lawn chairs, a flashlight and flat shoes for the uneven ground.

This project is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts.

Adirondack Affair Episode 2

Grace Duryea (Martha Byrne) has just arrived in Long Lake Adirondack Affair Episode 1 2011 after the death of her father. A mysterious stranger, Charlotte (Ellen Dolan) is very concerned about Grace’s arrival and is on edge and ready to reveal a secret.

An Adirondack Affair is an event held every fall in Long Lake for fans of soap operas to get a chance to get to know the nuts and bolts of producing a soap opera. In 2011 fans joined two-Time Emmy Winner Martha Byrne and Emmy-nominee Ellen Dolan for a fun-filled weekend including a cabaret performance and on-camera acting with the actresses. The actresses shot scripted scenes with attendees. Seventeen pages of material were shot in six hours at four different locations with little or no rehearsal. Fans received their dialogue the morning of taping. No auditions, no stress of the casting call, just crazy, fast, rapid fire acting fun in an incredibly short turnaround time. Director Fritz Brekeller (All My Children) hopped in with little prep time to pull all the elements together.

The Town of Long Lake is thrilled to receive national media attention in the Novemeber 21st, 2011 publication of the magazine CBS Soaps in Depth. Alexandra Roalsvig, Long Lake Tourism Director, helped organize and coordinate the weekend by inviting Martha Byrne, Ellen Dolan and Fritz Brekeller up to do on the spot video taping with fans. “This event was a chance to introduce Long Lake to a new audience. Fans have the one an one chance to interact with some terrific talent and I get the chance to feature local Long Lake businesses as the backdrop for the story. The actors are thrilled to come to the Adirondack region and help promote Long Lake to a wider audience.”

Featured in this episode is Jason Hall, a local Long Laker and noted musician and songwriter, current member of the Fat River Kings band. Jason has a huge catalog of original songs he has written, he often appears locally at Open Mike Nights and he will also be in the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts upcoming production of Cinderella.

Find a copy of CBS Soaps in Depth, on stands now (November 21) for photos, info and more scoop about the fun weekend.

In 2012 Adirondack Affair will be the last weekend in September. Don’t miss it! More original material to be scripted. For more info check out

Link to: Adirondack Affair 2011 Episode 1

Babik Jazz Arrives in Long Lake

On Saturday, September 17th, 2011 at 7:30pm the Town of Long Lake will be presenting Babik Jazz Group at the Long Lake Town Hall.

Babik (pronounced Bah-Beek) is a progressive Gypsy Jazz band inspired by the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt. One of those rare musical ensembles that can truly reach across generational and stylistic lines to create a fan base that is as diverse as their musical influences. At their concerts it is not uncommon to see a white-haired 75 year-old grandmother dancing next to a purple-haired 20-something.

Babik has the ability to bridge passionate jaw-dropping virtuosity, with a rare toe-tapping danceability that keeps its audiences enthusiastically engaged. The group’s ability to connect is evident in the way crowds clamber to clap, dance, and cheer along with nearly every performance. Since forming in 2005, Babik has enjoyed both commercial and artistic success.

All four members (Stuart Fuchs-Lead Guitar, Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry-Violin, Joshua Assad-Rhythm Guitar, Kevin O’Brien-Upright Bass) are full time professional musicians, and the success of their partnership, both on and off stage, shows in their lighthearted improvisational performances.

Babik stays busy performing over 150 shows a year at concert halls and festivals, in addition to facilitating educational programs & improvisation workshops at high schools and colleges.

In March of 2008, Babik worked with arranger Brent Havens (creator of orchestral programs of Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Doors) to create the first ever orchestral program of the music of Django Reinhardt, which was performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra to an audience of thousands. Babik has even performed with the contemporary dance troupe Configuration Dance in a tightly choreographed theatrical show.

Their hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. has awarded them “Best Jazz Band” by two different magazines for three years in a row. Their first release, “Pronounced Bah-Beek”, broke Western New York sales records at two area retailers, and the Buffalo News calls Babik “One of the Hottest Bands in Buffalo”—high praise from a town that launched The Goo-Goo Dolls, Ani DiFranco, Rick James, Spyro Gyra, and Soulive.

With their latest release, “American Gypsy”, the band showcases ten original compositions and three standards that both honor the roots of Gypsy Jazz while exploring a wide range of styles such as Jazz-fusion, Klezmer, World and Latin Music. The result is an amazingly coherent, expansive, and ambitious vision of Gypsy Jazz that will excite jazz and music lovers alike.

Perhaps Buffalo Spree Magazine best expressed the spirit of the band in a recent feature story: “It’s hard not to fall in love with a band whose every tune seems to state ‘We love life and we want to celebrate it.’”

Tickets will be available at the door. $12.00 for adults and kids under 10 are free.

This concert is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council of the Arts Decentralization Regrant Program. In Hamilton County the Decentralization Program is administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake.

Driving Around Long Lake Checking the Roads

Long Lake, NY March 7, 2011. The Snowstorm we hoped didn’t exist dumped between 18-24 inches of snow depending on the yard stick used. The banks have reached epic proportions for Long Lake. The video doesn’t do the actual scenery justice.

The snow has tapered off leaving mounds of snowpiles, cars yet to be unburied and many many driveways seeking a plow out. The music for this video is Deep Forest, Spa Music. Figured that driving around in a snowstorm in Long Lake is as close to the spa as we’re going to get today.

This video doesn’t exist

Have An Adirondack Affair

The Town of Long Lake and The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts are thrilled to announce their partnership for the sudsiest event of the season.

Sneak away to Long Lake for an unforgettable weekend October 1st and 2nd and have “An Adirondack Affair” with two time Emmy Award Winner, Martha Byrne, and Emmy-nominated Ellen Dolan (Margo Hughes, As The World Turns). Friday night join us for a panel discussion all about the why’s and how’s of Soap Operas. Hear the crazy stories about the daily routine, the backstage dirt and unveil the truth about what went wrong and why so many of our favorite “soaps” are disappearing. Saturday workshops include acting, directing and writing workshops with Emmy-winning writer Tom Casiello from the Young and the Restless, and Emmy-nominated Directing Talent Fritz Brekeller from All My Children. Enjoy one-on-one time with Soap Stars Martha and Ellen. Get to know the actors, hone your craft and make your dreams come true in a small town setting. Tickets are available at

Martha Byrne is a two-time Daytime Emmy winning actress, producer and writer. She is best known for her more than two decade run on the CBS Daytime Drama AS THE WORLD TURNS where she portrayed the role of Lily Walsh Snyder, and later her twin Rose D’Angelo. Her award collection also includes numerous magazine awards and three National Viewer’s Voice Awards. Martha began her career at the age of ten with a two year run on the Broadway stage as July in the world renowned show “Annie.” Martha’s resume also includes over 30 television and film projects. Since leaving ATWT in March 2008, Martha has starred on GENERAL HOSPITAL, worked as a script writer on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, performed in a stage production of “Other People’s Money,” and was executive producer of the film, Bye Bye Sally, starring Malin Ackerman.

Ellen Dolan joined AS THE WORLD TURNS as policewoman Margo Hughes in November 1989, after having been asked to consider the part by the late Doug Marland, the head writer for the CBS daytime drama Dolan debuted as Bauer on GUIDING LIGHT in 1982, portraying the popular character for the next four years. Her additional television credits include the made-for-television movies “Mother’s Day,” “Mothers, Daughters and Lovers” with Helen Shaver and Claude Atkings, and “Dancing with Danger,” with Cheryl Ladd and Ed Marinaro. Her stage career began in 1980 at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater with roles such as Katrin in “Mother Courage.” Her subsequent roles in numerous regional productions have included Maggie in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” at the Virginia Stage Company, May in “How the Other Half Loves” at the Pennsylvania Stage Company, and Clelia in “The Nerd” at the Capitol Repertory in Albany, NY. She also started a theater company in New York called The Studio Three Group. Dolan earned her B.A. and M.F.A. degrees in theater from the University of Iowa in Iowa City. While working toward her bachelor’s degree, she spent a summer studying dramatic arts at the Webber Douglas Academy in London. Dolan was born in Monticello, Iowa and was raised in Decorah, Iowa. Now the longest-running actress by far to play Margo, Dolan continues to work regularly in local theater. For ticket and lodging information check out, and