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Long Lake Asscs.


in association with the water stewardship program and the Town of Long Lake

Long Lake and Raquette Lake Lake Associations promote the preservation and conservation of the lakes and its watershed through education, advocacy and community involvement.

Currently both associations are working with the Town of Long Lake spearheading Water Stewardship programs to look for aquatic invasive species that have been found in the lakes of New York State. In 2010 the stewards will be stationed at state boat launches checking boats entering and leaving the lakes and to help educate residents and visitors about invasive plant species. This year efforts are underway to increase the number of hours the launches are covered supplementing paid stewards with volunteers and property owners in the area.

Long Lake Association contact Jackie Mallery:

The Long Lake Association holds one annual meeting a year in August. The dues are $10 per year.

2010 Officers President: Prudence Churchill, Vice President, Larry Plummer, Secretary, Jackie Mallery , Treasurer, Phil Terrie

The Long Lake Association oversees three key components to promote the continued preservation and protection of the waters of Long Lake.

Lake Stewardship Program – For the past two years, the Long Lake Association has raised money and worked with the Town of Long Lake, to hire stewards to monitor the state boat launch to check boats for invasive species, and educate boat owners about their transport. This program will be continued in 2010. Also as part of this program, in 2009 the entire lake was mapped by the steward and volunteers for plant varieties existing in the lake.

Long Lake Regatta – This is a day activity sponsored by the Long Lake Association and the Town of Long Lake. It is designed for children and families and is a series of fun canoe and kayak races, held at the Long Lake Town beach. In 2010, it will be on July 17.

Water Monitoring Program – Each year, water in various parts of the lake is collected and tested for bacteria count.

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The purpose of the association is to promote the cooperation and friendship among the inhabitants of the area and to unite its members in the material understanding of Raquette Lake, New York and its problems; so that the entire membership will go forward in carrying out the preservation and conservation of Raquette Lake and its watershed through education, advocacy and broad based community involvement.


Myriophylhum spicatum: is a major aquatic pest which is spread by plant fragments and seeds carried by wind currents and people.


Dreissena polymopha: is a potentially damaging mollusk (clam) which is spread by transport in water in its larval stage or by attachment to mobile objects in its adult stage. Adults are black and white striped and usually less than one inch long.


Trapa Natans: Is a obnoxious annual plant capable of spreading by the dispersal of its nuts


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