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LL Shopping

    • Hoss’s Country Corner:

      You can’t afford to miss this truly Adirondack shopping experience.

      From gifts, books, music and clothing, to Christmas items and cards, stationary and dishware. Hoss’s has something for everyone and great quality to boot.

      Camping Supplies, Fishing Supplies, Sundries, Beer and Drinks, and even penny candy for the kids. We also have a huge selection of T-Shirts and Sweatshirts for all sizes. Our shoe department can help you find the right “Minnetonka” moccasin or “Hi-Tek” shoe and everyone loves the adorable “Hatley” brand of clothing and accessories. Your everything store in the center of Long Lake
      | 518.624.2481 | Rt 28N,Long Lake NY, 12847

    • Northern Borne:

      On Rt 28N/30, in the middle of town just down from the town beach, Northern Borne offers groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables and a selection of organic products. Gifts, toys, camping supplies, clothing, flowers and more. Don’t miss the incredible view of Long Lake from the bread section! Also, visit our sister store, The Adirondack Outfitters on the Hill, offering outdoor wear, hardware and home repair needs, beach accessories and clothing. Order groceries by phone, they’ll pack it up and have it waiting for pick up. A family owned and operated business.
      | 518.624.3271 | Rt 28N,Long Lake NY, 12847

    • Ali Babas Liquor Store:

      Located at 1601 Tupper Road, Ali Babas Liquor Store is open year round. A selection of wines, specialty liquors, gifts, wood and ice.

      Considering its remote location, this store has everything you need from domestic wines to nice imports. They don’t have the most-expensive, most-rare selection on the planet but who needs that when you’re on vacation in the Adirondacks?

      The owner, Ali, is really friendly and helpful. Why buy beer at the gas station when you can support a local businessman!

      A family owned and operated business.
      | 518.624.2020 | 1601 Tupper Road,Long Lake NY, 12847

    • ADK Trading Post:

      Open Year Round. Paninis and homemade soups and more! Lobster Rolls on Friday’s in the summer and beyond. Breakfast sandwiches available too. There’s something for everyone at this unique eatery and gift store. Menu items include a variety of fresh sandwiches good enough for lunch and dinner. Look for meals to go too. Daily specials and homemade soups which have become a specialty unto themselves. Specialty cheeses. Homemade Pies every Friday! Cross Country Ski Rentals. Fun and funky gifts. Fishing and camping supplies. A different kind of general store. Online at If it’s in stock, we have it!

      Located Near Lake Eaton at 1601 Tupper Road adjacent to Ali Babas Liquor Store, Dina Kennedy Reiki Studio and the Laundromat

      518.624.2357 (ADKS) For menu and more information

      Visit Their Website: ADK Trading Post
    • Adirondack Hotel Lake Street Shoppe:

      Gift Shop located in the iconic historic Adirondack Hotel at 1245 Main Street in Long Lake, NY. Jewelry, books, t-shirts, unique Adirondack Items.

      Book a room, eat a meal and shop for your souvenier all in one central location.
      | 518.624.4700 | 1245 Main Street,Long Lake NY, 12847

    • Dina Kennedy, Energy Healer, Teacher, Coach:

      Rev. Dina Kennedy is a Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and IET Master Instructor offering Energy Rebalancing, Reiki, Reiki training & more. Private sessions, skype sessions, classes, workshops, and coaching services are all offered. As of 8/2015, Dina has 18 years of experience with thousands of hours of client time logged, and hundreds of students taught. Serving the Adirondacks (Adirondack Mountains) of NY and beyond. Bringing you back to balance on whatever level is most needed. Long Lake, NY, Indian Lake, NY, skype, and distance healing.

      Dina Kennedy Energy Healer Website
      | 518.624.2828 | Rt 28N,Long Lake NY, 12847

    • Incapahco Artisans Studio:

      Rev. Incapahco Artisans is a new business local to Long Lake, New York, founded by artist Louisa Austin Wright. Louisa sells unique art supplies, teaches classes in her fully equipped studio space, and offers a gallery of local artists working in Long Lake.

      Look for a new space for Louisa coming in 2017! Classes, workshops, jewelry, clothing and so much more. Celebrating local art and craftsmanship! Louisa’s shop is one of a kind.

      Incapahco Art Song Studio Website
      | 518.624.2828 | Rt 28N,Long Lake NY, 12847

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