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Transfer Station Waste
& Recycling Center

Town of Long Lake and Raquette Lake regulations
and information for garbage and recycling.

TRANSFER STATION: 518.624.3806

Winter Hours: Closed Tuesdays – Open every other day from 9am-3pm – Call for holiday hours.

Hamilton County Transfer Regulations Posted 4/15/2013

For permits please contact the Town Clerk office at 518-624-3088
or come into the Town Offices from 9am – 4pm to register your vehicle

Please Note: May is Community Clean Up. The Highway department and
the business office takes applications to pick up large items. May 1 – 14th.
Please call 624-3001 for more information.

A Mandatory Recycling Program is in effect in the Town of Long Lake. The guidelines outlined in this brochure must be followed or your refuse will be rejected.

Decal stickers, which are required for Long Lake Transfer Station Use, are available from the Town Clerk at no charge to any property owners, permanent renters and lessees in the Township of Long Lake. Rental businesses, property owners and rental agents not providing pick-up service for their guests must provide guests with forms permitting use of the Long Lake Transfer Station. Property owners must provide non-resident contractors doing work on their premises forms permitting use of the Long Lake Transfer Station. Forms can be obtained from the Town Clerk. Until further notice, the Raquette Lake Center is not set up with the permit system.

For all lands within the Town of Long Lake (includes Raquette Lake), all illegal dumping, and /or unauthorized or noncompliant Transfer Station use is subject to the following penalties:
First Offense: Fines not to exceed $50, and civil penalty of $50. Second Offense: Fines not to exceed $100 or imprisonment of not more than 15 days, and civil penalty of $100. Third Offense: Fines not to exceed $250 and imprisonment of not more than 30 days and civil penalty of $1000.

There are various stations throughout the Long Lake Transfer Station and the Raquette Lake Center which are set up to promote sorting and recycling. These stations are listed in this brochure. If you are not sure where to discard an item ask the attendant.

SPI Codes #1 and #2 ONLY (We no longer accept #3). Containers must be rinsed clean. Tops/caps go into household garbage.

All colors acceptable, sorting unnecessary. Absolutely NO light bulbs, windows or mirrors. Broken glass is acceptable. Glass must be rinsed clean. Tops/caps go into household garbage.