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Fire Dept.

Long Lake/Raquette Lake Volunteer Fire Department.

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Welcome to the Long Lake and Raquette Lake Volunteer Fire Department. As the Town of Long Lake serves two hamlets it has two separate fire departments. It is the mission of the Long Lake and Raquette Lake Volunteer Fire Departments to minimize the loss of life and property for its fire service recipients in the Town of Long Lake from fires, natural disasters, life threatening situations and to assist other emergency agencies. It is their goal to perform these services in a professional and efficient manner by maintaining effective training, fire prevention, fire suppression and emergency response.

The Long Lake and Raquette Lake Fire Departments are all volunteer emergency men and women serving the community.

Long Lake Fire Department

In 2009 the Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department answered over 160 emergency calls to service. The men and the women of the Volunteer Fire Department are year round residents of the community committed to the safety and well being of residents and visitors. Hours of training, including ice training the in cold winter months are vital to maintain skill sets to continue to provide excellent service and to maintain the highest standards of safety.

President: Jim Piraino
Vice-President: Gabe Farr
Treasurer: Al Votta
Secretary: Paula Piraino
Fire Commisioners: Harry Buxton, Ali Hamdan, Charles Farr, Chuck Taylor, Robert Vris
Secretary Fire District: Anthony Clark

Anthony Woodworth
1st Assistant Paul Brown
2nd Assistant

Non-emergency number 518 624-4599.

Give to the Long Lake Fire Department.
PO Box 576
Long Lake, NY 12847

Both Long Lake and Raquette Lake have Ladies Auxiliaries’ charged with the mission to raise money to help defray the costs of maintaining the fire department.

Raquette Lake All-Volunteer Fire Department

Raquette Lake Fire Dept.-(elections are in April)
President-Mitch Edelstein
V. President-Gary Lee
Secretary-Liz Beckingham
Treasurer-Jim Dillon

Chief- Mark Bird
1st Asst.-Curt Murdock
2nd Asst.-Mike Lamphear

Ladies Aux-
President- Sandy Hicks
Secretary & Treasurer- Penny Aldous

Fish & Game Club
President & Treasurer-Wayne Kavanaugh
Memberships available at The Tap Room

171 New York Route 28
Raquette Lake, NY 13436
(315) 354-4644

Fire Department: 911
Transfer Station: 624.1234
Long Lake Library: 624.3825
Emergency Squad: 911
Code Enforcement: 624.2009
Town Judge/Court: 624.
Town Supervisor: 624.3001


LL Fire Department Meetings first Monday of every month. 7pm. LL Town Hall Fire Department

Call for further details. 624.4599

LL Fire District Meetings are on the 3rd Monday of Each Month. LL Rescue Squad Building.

RL Fire Department Meetings are on the 1st Friday of Each Month at 7pm. RL Fire Dept.


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