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Winter Recreation

Moonlighter’s Winter Carnival 2009-2013

Hot off the presses. Check out this highlight video of past winter carnival’s! This should get you ready for today’s festivities. We’ll see you at Mt. Sabattis at noon.

GPS or Garmin – enter 1100 Deerland Road – gets you close enough.

Parking available at bottom of hill, Owls Head Lane, South Hill Road.

Little Bus will be running starting at 4pm until end of festivities. For 2014, a special thank you to the Town of Newcomb for providing us with wheels. For a ride call 518-323-5000


Snow Day in March

March continues to roar into Long Lake, unpredictable, voracious and wicked. In one week we’ve seen rain, thaw, and two feet of snow.

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Winter Wacky Week Highlights

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Winter Wonderland Wacky Week has come to a close. From February 20th to February 25th, 2011 the Town of Long Lake offered a variety of fun family activities to get folks outside into our crisp clear mountain air in the middle of winter.

Sunday was the launch of Winter Shorts! with a Casting Meeting. Director Anton Briones and A small, commitment of five days to work on short, short plays culminating in a Friday night performance sponsored by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the arts. Seven actors gathered at the casting meeting and rehearsed every night at the Long Lake Town Hall.

Monday featured an out of town trip for Long Lakers to the Queensbury Rock Climbing Center. Thank you to Hamilton County Prevention Services for providing transportation. Eleven children from Long Lake had an adventurous day braving rock walls, building their confidence, learning a new skill and having a blast.

Tuesday featured the Winter Olympics. Games included, Skating Races, Curling, Obstacle Course, Sledding Tug-O-War, Sledding Races and more. Over 25 participants made the Long Lake Winter Olympics a success and we look forward to adding more competition next season.

Tuesday evening featured a concert by Chris Shaw at the Long Lake Library. Chris, an Adirondack Folk Singer, Storyteller is a great talent and we look forward to his return visit.

Wednesday was Snow Sculpture Day. Lorraine Esposito, from Raquette Lake and Long Island, brought along her magic shovel and spray food coloring water bottles and a vision to create a giant masterpiece out of the snow. Families came out on the most stunning day of the week to create “Champ” the Lake Monster from Lake Champlain. Champ made his way over to Long Lake to eat up the Orbs left over from the E-Lumination installation from January.

Thursday night saw the Hors D’Oeuvres Throw Down between The Cellar and The Adirondack Hotel. For $10, 46 judges tried 6 dishes offered by the chefs at The Cellar Restaurant and Pub and The Adirondack Hotel. The Cellar walked away with an overall win, “Best Hors D’Oeuvres in Town” while The Adirondack Hotel’s Portabella Wellington wowed the crowd, splitting the vote and letting the Hotel garner “Best in Show”

Friday featured a “Weather Event” A winter storm arrived in the morning dumping between 8” – 10” of snow wreaking havoc on the roads, but that didn’t stop the Parks and Recreation Department from hosting Hip Hop Dance Class with Anton Briones from the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts at the Long Lake Town Hall. Participants from Syracuse worked it out and honed their mad dancing skills under Anton’s guidance.

Friday night was the finale for Winter Wacky Wonderland Week featuring Winter Shorts! a 10 minute short-short play festival. The works included “Supreme Beings Create the World” from Parallel Lives by Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney, “Hold For Three” by Sherry Kramer, “Brights” by David Smillow, “The Philadelphia” by David Ives, “Ferris Wheel” by Mary Miller, and “The League of Semi Superheroes” by Val Smith and Bigelow Dixon.

The cast featured Virginia Jennings, Abbie Verner, Camille Nerney, Jason Hall, Mike Nerney, Annalee Pratt, and Yod Crewsy (aka Paul Roalsvig) Directed by Anton Briones from the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mt. Lake.

The Town of Long Lake would like to thank our partners for helping launch our 2nd Annual Winter Wacky Wonderland Week including: The CV Memorial Long Lake Library, Hamilton County Prevention Services and Joe SanAntonio, Caleb Davis for offering two X-C ski workshops, Annalee Pratt, Cindy Black, Lorraine Esposito, The Adirondack Hotel, The Cellar Restaurant and Pub, The Long Lake Highway Department (for moving snow for sculptures and for clean up on the Kickerville Snowmobile Trail), Jackie and John Heron for letting us procure clean snow from the Blarney Stone parking lot, and a special shout out to the Long Lake Town Board and the Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department for sponsoring a fun family week.

Next year look for workshops, more Winter Olympics and more fun activities. It will always be held Presidents Day Week (the winter break for many NYS Public Schools) If you are interested in hosting a workshop, concert or event please contact the Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department for more information.

Sledding and skating are always free at the Long Lake Geiger Arena. For hours call 518-624-3031 and for more information about our area check us out at or call Long Lake Parks and Recreation at 518-624-3077.

Winter Carnival

Raquette Lake Winter Carnival

February 19th and 20th look for Winter Carnival Fun in Raquette Lake. The events kick off at 10am with fun games for the kids near the RL Library, followed by the Ladies Frying Pan Toss, Golf Drive, Bonfire, Fireworks, and on Sunday the Cross Cut and Chainsaw Competition. Unplug from the over saturation of the internet and step back in time to old fashioned family fun in Raquette Lake. The Tap Room and the Winter Boat will be open to keep you warm.

Post Ground Hog Day

Some images from in and around Long Lake February 2 and 3, 2011.

Mountains of Snow

Hoss's at Route 30 and 28N Intersection

Helms Aero Service

Custard's Ice Cream Stand

Looking north on route 30 near the Long Lake Beach

Long Lake’s Winter Wacky Week Jam Packed with Events

February 20-26th

The Long Lake Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department is gearing up for the 2nd Annual Wacky Winter Wonderland Week with fun activities for all ages.

Winter Wacky Week in Long Lake is a combination of outdoor fun and indoor decompression. We invite and encourage folks to make Long Lake “Family Headquarters” for Mid-Winter Break.

Long Lake lodgings offer lakeside views, cozy cabins and affordable accommodations. Our central location makes exploring ski areas around our area a snap. In one week hit the slopes at our area mountains including: Gore, Whiteface, McCauley and Big Tupper.

If fun zany family events are more your style, try out for Winter Shorts! Experience a cross-country ski clinic with Caleb Davis. Take in a concert at the Long Lake Library with Adirondack Folk Artist Chris Shaw or go for the gold at the Long Lake Winter Olympics.

Don’t miss out on the 2nd Annual Hors D’Oeuvres Throw Down between this year’s exclusive participants, The Cellar and The Adirondack Hotel.

Last year’s winners for Best in Show and Best Hors D’Oeuvres go head to head with gastronomic delights to please the palette. Their top secret selections won’t be revealed until game night! Finally the week rounds out with a wild winter geocaching adventure.

Check out our full schedule. For lodging information go to our website at

SUNDAY 02/20-25: Winter Wacky Week In Long Lake!
The Geiger Arena will be open each day of February Break for free skating and sledding from 1-5pm and 6-10pm (except Sunday, when it closes at 9pm)!
SUNDAY 02/20
6-9pm Winter Shorts! Casting Meeting at the Long Lake Town Hall. Actors of all ages and experience levels are invited to this one week intensive acting experience right here in Long Lake! Audition on Sunday, rehearse from 6-9pm on Monday-Thursday, then perform on Friday night!

MONDAY 02/21
10am-4:30pm Youth Indoor Rock-Climbing Trip to Rock Sport in Queensbury. This is the perfect introduction to rock climbing for 3rd-12th graders! $10 for a full day of climbing, all equipment provided. Transportation provided to and from LLCS. Pre-registration required. Call 518-624-3077 to sign-up.

10:30am-12pm Cross Country Ski Clinic at the Long Lake Ball Field. Get out your skis or rent a pair at Hoss’s and learn all the basics of cross-country skiing! Free. Minimum of three people required. All ages welcome. Call 518-624-3077 to sign-up.
1pm Long Lake Winter Olympics at the Mt. Sabattis Recreation Center. Sledding, skating, races, and more! All ages welcome. Call 518-624-3077 for more information.
7pm Christopher Shaw Concert at the Long Lake Library. Join us for a free concert by the legendary Adirondack folk singer and storyteller.

1-2:30pm Snow Sculpture-Making at Mt. Sabattis. Create and paint your own snow masterpiece! Free.

10:30am-12pm Cross Country Ski Clinic at the Long Lake Ball Field. Learn all the basics of cross-country skiing. Free. Call 518-624-3077 to sign-up.
1:30pm Capture the Flag and Manhunt (reverse hide and seek) for kids and teens ages 10-19 at the Mt. Sabattis recreation area.
6-8pm Hors D ‘Oeuvres Throw Down! The Adirondack Hotel and The Cellar go head to head for the title of “Best Appetizer In Town!” Taste 3 appetizers at each restaurant for $10 total, then buy more if you’d like, or sit down and have a full meal! Must pre-register by Friday 2/18. Voting cards available on a limited basis on the night of the event. Drive yourself or let The Little Bus be your chauffeur from 5:45-10pm for no extra charge! Call 624-3077 to reserve a spot.

FRIDAY 02/25
1-3pm Hip Hop Dance Class at the Long Lake Town Hall. All ages are welcome to participate in this free class with professional dancer, Anton Briones of New York City.
7pm Winter Shorts! Performance at the Long Lake Town Hall. Come see your Long Lake neighbors and friends in this unique production brought to you by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts!
$15/10 Arts Center Members.

Trip the Orb Fantastic

Little One Near the Orb

Wednesday night , January 19th was the sixth night of “orbing.”

At 7pm there’s a knock on my kitchen door. Will (artist, Matt Burnett’s Dad) needs the key to the Geiger Arena at the Mt. Sabattis orb location. He’s got snow in his beard and he wears a headlamp. “We tripped the circuit.” Having just finished family dinner, I put down the dirty dinner dishes and leave the mashed potatoes cold on the stove and the chicken to coagulate in the pan. I grab my sleeping bag coat, known around town as my homeless person Port Authority coat, but keeps me warm and I head out.

Two moments later – in Long Lake, time is measured in moments as most places in the center of town only take moments to reach, I arrive on the Mt. Sabattis scene to darkness. The orb, located across the street, glistens with LED projected illuminated water movement. Momentarily I’m hypnotized by the moving images, but I snap back to attention and flip through my key ring. I identify the appropriate key by the color and position on the crowded ring. Finally, the silver key next to the town hall key next to the padlock key near my car key, next to my old house keys from New Jersey which I really should get rid of, but I don’t because they help me remember the positions of all the other keys. I find the key I need and open the back door with success.

Inside the garage we squeeze around the four-wheeler, the shovels and the water hose for the ice rink. The circuit box is located in one of two closets and the switches are carefully labeled: tennis lights and basketball courts, microwave, range, flood lights, hot water heater with a red cross and skull bones, refrigerator… Not that one. Willy spots it, “Garage outlets, outside wall. This is the only one that’s tripped.” He reset it (he worked for NYSEG for years, I figure he knows how to do these things). Leaving the garage door unlocked we trudge back into the tundra where the slide projectors and extension cords are partially buried under the snowpack.

Orb on the Blarneystone Site

Willy huddled down near the orb following the electric cords connecting the two Kodak Extrachrome slide projectors somewhat protected in handmade wooden boxes. He flips the switch. The orb illuminates. But now to position the machines – just so, so the light bends around the shape. Where is artist Matt? Willy explains they got a late start to lighting the projections. Matt’s dog got loose and he had to run all over the place to reign him back in. They got a later start than anticipated and of course they ran into the circuit breaker snafu, but Will was confident Matt had made sure all the other projectors were on at the other area locations.

Because Matt was running around chasing his dog at darkness, spectators from Saranac Lake arrived on the scene having heard about the orbs on NPR and by reading in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, but they were initially met with darkness. Luckily June and John (two local Long Lake “orbers”) were also orbing and they intercepted the potential audience and encouraged the visitors to have dinner and check out the orbs a bit later because “the artist lost his dog.” Please note: Dog is safe and sound.

I went home and picked up my reluctant family a bit after 7pm. “Why do we have to go outside? We’ve seen these orbs? Do we have to? I want to play video games and pick out my outfit for tomorrow” Excuses pile on, but I won’t take no for an answer. My husband remains distracted by an invitation to play music. “No we are going orbing, this is a family activity. Now get in the car!”

Our first stop, the spillway across from the Long Lake Town Public Restrooms near the bridge, across from the Town Beach. Access the orbs by parking at the Gillis Realty/Raquette River Outfitter Parking Lot. Park the car and walk around the barricade or follow the snowmobile tracks onto the pond. (DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK)

"Mommy - I think it's a farm orb"

The kids marvel at walking on the pond. I inform them proudly, “this used to be the skating rink, until the weather starting being super sketchy and it wouldn’t freeze every year.” My seven year old daughter asks gingerly, “am I going to fall into the lake?” My son’s response, “I hope so.” They frolic in the snow, admire Long Lake Central up at the top of the hill, and listened as a DOT snowplow scraped the blade all the way up route 30.

The still image facing the road is a black and white image taken in Long Lake many moons ago. My daughter exclaims “it’s a farm, Mommy. It looks like a farm.” She poses in the light, “I’m the chicken.” My husband takes some shots of her. We walk to the other side to check out the patterned image. “It looks like bloody trees and branches,” exclaims my son.

We scamper back out to the pond, following crusted over snowmobile tracks, trying not to get snow in our boots. We check out the lights as they merge in the center of the orb. The cold grips us. “On to the next orb!”

We continue on our journey meeting friendly orbers checking out the other sites. We meet a group at the site of the old Blarneystone. My son accidentally kicks snow into the casing housing the projector. Luckily Matt arrives and notices there is no image on the orb. He rushes to the wooden box and blows the snow out of the slide projector.

Matt asks me, “do you know anyone with any slide projector bulbs?” Matt’s preparing the larger installation starting production next week at St. Lawrence University. “And I need one more extension cord for tomorrow. The circuit breaker tripped because I was using one of my grandpa’s old extension cords. It was so old that it crackled when I moved it around, and then it crackled some more. I think I need a better cord and more bulbs.”

Local Orber's Check out the Orb. One orber exclaims, "I can see this from my bathroom window and I took a picture the other night."

We rounded out the night with another visit to the last two orbs. The moving water orb decidedly our favorite, my daughter skips over to the other side, “look I see a butterfly!” The images at Mt. Sabattis looked like a bridge and flowers. Up close the orbs take on a different look and feel. From a distance another orbtastic view. Just fun to get out of the house mid-week after homework and dinner. Living in Long Lake can be quiet and mesmerizing at times and at other times… we wait for summer, this year I’m determined to enjoy each season as it comes.

A few cars stop on the side of the road checking the orbs out. It’s a Wednesday night and people are out, looking to connect with something a little different.

In an effort to include the community Matt and Scott have invited the public to submit Long Lake photos for a rotating image reel on the live video projection orb for Friday night, location yet to be determined. So far five people have submitted a selection of images from around Long Lake, including folks living in New Jersey and Kansas.

The final night of E-Lumination in Long Lake is on Saturday, January 22nd.

This project is made possible in part from support from the following organizations: The Arts Council for the Northern Adirondacks, New York State Foundation for the Arts, The Adirondack Museum, The Town of Long Lake Parks and Recreation Deparment and the Long Lake Archives, Union College, St. Lawrence University, Gillis Reality, John and Jackie Heron, Michael Lombardi, Justin and Darlene St. Amour and William Creighton and with public funds from the New York State Council of the Arts Decentralization Regrant Program. In Hamilton County the Decentralization Program is administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake.