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Snowmobile Trails

    • Snowmobile Trail CONDITIONS:

      Long Lake Trails:

      December 2013
      Gearing up to open the trails.


      ALL Trails and gates remain on high alert for winter conditions. All trails are ride at your own risk. We will have reports coming in soon. We did receive snow, but it’s light and fluffy and not packed. It is early season. All riding is ride at your own risk. We do not recommend hitting the trails until further snow and groomers get out.

      Sabattis Rd – C7
      North Point Road/Forked Lake/Canoe Carry – C8B
      Tupper Trail C7B – This trail has a large new bridge, decked Fall 2012 back near Grampus Lake
      Train Tracks on C7
      Grange Park to Kickerville Road C7B (access from Kickerville Mobil – cross street – make left and then right and ride up Kickerville on shoulders)
      Lake Eaton Trail S86. Users of this trail will discover a brand new bridge!-to Endion Road –
      Lake Eaton Shorter Loop S86
      Powerline Trail C8B to Forked Lake. B Please note: Power Line Trail will have some closures in 2013. Please heed all signage. Most land along the power line section of trail is privately owned. Access to parts of trail is off off route 28N/30, please use caution when traveling along roadways.
      Newcomb Trail – C8B Newcomb trail has some wet/open spots. Look for work done along this section of trail including a hill that was shimmed down a bit and cleaned up. New culverts installed to keep beaver activity and obstacles at bay
      Lakes Please ask a local.

      STAY OFF STEAMBOAT ROAD OFF OF NORTHPOINT ROAD Do NOT follow snowmobile tracks onto Steamboat Landing. Private property. Thanks!

      Connect to the Newcomb trail off of Olivet Road/Dock Road towards state boat launch. Some section of that that trail is a bit rough. Connects to Jim Bird & Tarbell Hill Road.

      All roads in Long Lake are designated snowmobile trails.

      Weather? Click here for Long Lake Weather & webcam at route 30

      – We never recommend riding on lakes or ponds, as our snowmobile trails do not cross lakes. Lakes are not part of our trail system. Ask a local. Call 518.624.4700 or 518.624.3941 for local conditions.

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      December 2013

      From Wayne. – No info yet. Need more snow

      Bug Lake Trail Base –
      Browns Tract/Uncas Road –
      Dump Road aka Railroad Track bed –
      C8 –
      C7 –
      C8 – 7th Lake Mountain Trail – Update 12-12-13
      Gates are open and all designated snowmobile trails are open for use except for a portion of the Seventh Lake Mountain Trail. Skiers and snowshoers on designated snowmobiles trails should keep to side to allow safe passage of snowmobiles. Snowmobiles should slow down when passing skiers and snowshoers. (12/12)

      The section of the Seventh Lake Mountain Multiple Use Trail between the Limekiln Lake-Cedar River Road (Moose River Plains Road) and Eighth Lake is closed due to the lack of ramps on a bridge along the trail. DEC will get crews in as soon as possible to build ramps using snow. The portion of the trail between Eighth Lake and the Sagamore Road is open. (12/12)

    • Vintage Snowmobile Races :

      Sunday, January 19, 2014 (TBA)
      Sunday, March 2, 2014 (TBA)

      Join the Long Lake Lions Club and welcome the Northern New York Vintage Snosled Racers to the ice track at Long Lake. A track on the historic Jennings Park Pond provides a natural ice track, plowed and groomed by our local volunteers. Vintage Racing is a thrill of speed, talent and sheer excitement as the passionate riders take to the stage. Harkening back to the days of the Long Lake hundred miler, as a spectator check out over 18 divisions for this thrilling event. Admission $10. Food sold on site.

      Please check for more information.

      Visit Their Website:
    • Poker Run:

      February 10th-11, 2012

      The Moonlighters Snowmobile Club’s hosts their annual poker run spanning three communities including: Newcomb, Long Lake and Raquette Lake. Pick up your Play Card at the Newcomb House or the Raquette Lake Tap Room. $10.00 per person – must be 18 years of age to get a play card

      Starts at open of business on Friday, February 9th –
      Play cards available at either the Newcomb House or the Tap Room
      Ends 5:00 PM, Saturday, February 12th at the Adirondack Hotel – all stamped play cards must be in by 5:00 – no exceptions!
      Door prizes will be awarded at 6:00 PM and also awards for 1st/2nd/3rd best hand
      1st Prize – $100.00 2nd Prize – $75.00 3rd Prize – $50.00

      Door Prizes: To be announced!

      President, Jim Piraino, Long Lake Diner Phone: 518.624.3941
      Secretary, Harry Buxton, 518.624.2009

    • Parking:

      IN LONG LAKE – PARK YOUR TRAILERS – At Lake Eaton Campground, Base of Mt. Sabattis across from the Corner Motel, Park at the Long Lake State Boat Launch on Olivet Road, Park on Route 30 near the LL Town Beach, at Kickerville Mobil. Call 518.624.3077 for more information
      Snowmobiling Adirondacks has never been so easy!

      IN RAQUETTE LAKE – PARK YOUR TRAILER: Check in at the RL Tap Room 315.354.4581 for info on parking in Raquette Lake.

      Snowmobile Trail Map:
    • Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club:

      Register to become a Long Lake Moonlighter! Save on registration fees, fees help fund the trails in Long Lake and Hamilton County if you register through NYSSA! Save money and help out with trail maintenance!

      Visit Their Website: Register On-Line to be a Moonlighter!

      New York State Snowmobile trails. Long Lake zip code is 12847. Raquette Lake is 13436. If you ride in Old Forge & Inlet you need to purchase an additional snowmobile trail permit. Long Lake and Raquette Lake do not require additional permits. You only have to be a registered sled in New York State.

      AT&T cell phone service now available in Hamlet of Long Lake. It’s a great safety net while snowmobiling in the Adirondacks. Sorry, no Verizon plans at this time

    • Raquette Lake Winter Carnival:

      February 16-17, 2013. A Raquette Lake tradition for over 50 years! Meet at the RL Library. Saturday morning 10am kids games, followed by Ladies Frying Pan Toss and Adult Golf. Enjoy an early evening bonfire, tug-o-war, with a finale fireworks presentation over the lake.

      On Sunday at NOON participate in the Chainsaw and Cross-Cut Competition. Not to be missed!

      518.624.3077 or 315-354-4581

      Visit Our Calendar Of Events Page:
    • Snowmobile Tips and Info:

      STICKERS have to be on your cowl, not your running boards.

      It MUST be on the COWL or HOOD and NOT on either the TUNNEL or the WINDSHIELD. The fine is in the $200.00 range with an $80.00 surcharge. Make sure your registrations are in the proper place! They are ticketing this season, so be aware of the rules so you maximize the best snowmobiling experience.

    • Grooming Information:

      Be respectful of Groomers. Stop, Pull over and go slow if passing. Give the groomer the right of way especially as many of our trails are only allowed to be a max of eight feet wide!

      The Town of Long Lake operates three groomers and three Skandic snowmobile groomers to cover the communities of Raquette Lake and Long Lake NY. The Town of Long Lake also coordinates with the Beaver River Association along the train tracks to groom between Sabattis and Norridgewock.

      Long Lake receives Trail Funding through the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. Translation – if you register your sled with the Moonlighter’s in Hamilton County the monies you pay go back into the New York State Trail Fund and it helps fund our trails. So THANK YOU.

      Grooming Insider Scoop: How much snow does it take to make a good base? One foot of snow can be packed down by groomers to a depth of two to six inches depending on the type of snow (Wet/Dry). Grooming on a flat smooth ground will get your a great flat trail early in the season. Limited snowpack and uneven terrain needs more snow to cover the trail and make it smooth.

      The Long Lake and Raquette Lake groomers go out daily and on weekends to ensure the best riding conditions. Groomers will be out overnight prior to special events including the Poker Run.

    • Eating, Sleeping and Gas:


      Business is open all year round in Long Lake and Raquette Lake and we sure appreciate your business. Traveling during the week ensures a great vacation and great trail conditions. Call the Long Lake Tourism Office for information and check out our hot deals page for discounts and information.

      Long Lake Hot Deals: Long Lake Hot Deals

    • Winter Carnival:

      January 19, 2013. The Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club and the Town of Long Lake host a winter carnival on Mt. Sabattis the Saturday of Martin Luther King weekend. The great snowmobile parade kicks off this fantastic family event followed by the crowning of the King and Queen. Events of the day include the Cardboard Box Derby Race, One Shot Basketball, Money Balloon Hunt, Snowball Golf, and the ever famous Ladies Frying Pan Toss competition. The night rounds out with a fireworks display. The Long Lake Little Bus starts running at 12pm until 1am escorting children and families to their homes, lodgings and out to dinner.

    • Visit the Long Lake Blog: Winter Carnival Video and Blog. Check it out!
    • The Great Snowmobile Map And Information:

      News for Snowmobiliers! Plan a winter getaway today!

      Great Link to an interactive snowmobile webmap, now in it’s 3rd year! Website lists businesses, and has printable PDF maps to connect you to trails throughout the region. Includes statewide trail expansion, conditions reporting, alerts reporting, more background maps, zoom to a business sponsor, integrated current weather radar, integrated daily snow depth (added mid-season last year), search for a business within X miles of a trail junction, and snowmobile tours

      Note: To enter info and seach the map for services, under Snowmobile Club look for “Town of Long Lake” We are located in Hamilton County, zip 12847

      Please note: The power line trail connecting North Point Road to the Town of Long Lake runs over private property. Some sections of this trail will be closed this winter, so you will have to ride on NYS Route 30. We ask all riders go slow and respect private property so we may continue to use it throughout the season.

      Map Kiosks will be out on the trails with maps and brochures at key locations in Raquette Lake and Long Lake intersections.

      For More Information please call  |  518.624.3077

      Until Then, Visit This Great Website:
    • Snowmobile Rentals:

      Don’t have your own sled? Rentals are available in neighboring communities. Call ahead to reserve. Ask and some vendors will arrange to trailer your sleds to your launch site.

      Adirondack Mountain Sports/Clark’s Snowmobile Rentals
      West Main Street
      Indian Lake, NY 12842
      518.648.0215 OR

      Adirondack Snowmobiles
      Gary Bishop
      Gary will trailer sleds to Long Lake with advance reservations. He’s taking reservations now! He has a large fleet of well-maintained Polaris machines. Gary also has snowmobile clothing and gear available, but as he says “he can’t clothe an army” so sledders are encouraged to bring their own gear.

      Moonlighter’s Poker Run – February 8-9, 2013

      Visit Their Website: Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Registration


      Visit Our Calendar Of Events Page: