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About Long Lake NY

Long Lake is a small town in the Adirondack Park. We are a year-round community with a very small school, 75 kids or so. We have about 711 residents year-round (2010 Census) and our summer population swells to a lot more than that. We are two hamlets. One Long Lake, the other, Raquette Lake. Long Lake is located in the Northernmost part of Hamilton County. We’re the kind of town you find by accident, when you are driving to St. Lawrence University, Paul Smith’s, Lake Placid or Canton or you happen to be in between the Adirondack Museum or The Wild Center or looking for the William West Durant slash Vanderbilt’s Great Camp Sagamore in Raquette Lake off of route 28. (not to be confused with swanky Lake George)

We have seaplanes, dining cruises, marina’s, a hardware store, events galore and the oldest working hotel in the Adirondacks. Descendants of the original settlers still live in town. We boast a population of teachers, loggers, recreational enthusiasts, lodging owners, talented artists and musicians. We have a volunteer Fire Department, a town doctor and an attentive rescue squad. We’ve got a community of folks that have escaped the rat race and settled in for retirement. We’ve got big personalities at the morning round-table, not hard to find them every morning, seven days a week by 6:30am sharing their thoughts and opinions. Long Lakers can be a formidable bunch on the outside, but a we all share a spirit of a neighborly community embracing life on the Adirondack psychic frontier.

A true Long Laker possesses survival skills to last through a quiet, cold winter starting in October and lasting sometimes until May. Long Laker’s share a toughness and a tenderness in times of crisis and Long Laker’s are never afraid to express an opinion or complain.

As a tourist destination, it has been said by many that the view at the North End of the lake of the Sewards and the Santanoni Mountain range is the most beautiful, stunning view in the Adirondacks.

Long Lake is fun for fishing, camping, hunting, waterskiing, hiking, boating, birdwatching, and serenity. We are affordable, full of character and always ready to help. We believe in Adirondack Hospitality, which carries its own set of rules. We’re glad you’re here, but many of us work more than one job to survive, so if you push us, we’ll push you back.

We finally have AT&T cell phone service and many of our area businesses including the library, motels, ice cream stands and restaurants boast wireless internet. We offer gasoline at two different locations.

We are a proud community, and cabin fever usually starts at the end of January and runs through March. No doubt about that. If you can drive just a little bit past where you think you are going, then you’ve found Long Lake… and those of us still here… we never leave.


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  1. Marie Labes


    Hamilton County 2010 Birding Festival is starting in June. A few of the trips will take place in Long Lake. Just thought you might want to spread the word for anyone interested in attending one of the events. (My hub is leading one of the trips.) Should be fun!


    April 7, 2010 at 11:03 am

  2. We added a page on highlighting some good Adirondack blogs and included yours. It should hopefully bring you some additional traffic, as the site receives 800,000 visits annually.
    You can view it here:

    If you would like us to remove it for any reason, just let me know.

    April 14, 2011 at 9:32 am

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