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So many of you reading this are subscribers to this longlake blog, but what many of you don’t know, there is another location for all the blogging at mylonglakeblog and eventually this blog of which you have subscribed to won’t be as active. Some of you have noticed and vocalized that it’s been lacking breaking news.

In Long Lake we always have breaking news. The trick is to find the best, most non-obtrusive way to deliver it to you.

For up to the minute events news, photos, alerts, conversations, join us and fan us at My Long Lake on Facebook Don’t miss out on breaking news, photos etc. That is the best, most active way to keep on top of winter weather, current events, trivia clues, etc.

Touch Football game on Thanksgiving 2011

We’re always trying to deliver up to date content, but managing two blogs, facebook, twitter, foursquare can be cumbersome, so this is your invitation to continue to enjoy our blog at it’s new home (which is really it’s old home because it’s been there for quite awhile)

mylonglakeblog Still the same great information, just a different location!

So go there today to read up on all the events happening in and around the Town of Long Lake and Raquette Lake. If you have any questions or news to submit go to the contact page and send us your note, it comes right into the home office.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Now we’re gearing up for Celebrate the Season launching on Friday, so check out for the breakdown on the events.

Yours in the Blogging Hemisphere

View from the beach


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