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Adirondacks Are Eating Out, are you?

So you’re on vacation in the Adirondacks. Congratulations! Ok, you got here, but now you’re hungry, you’re tired, you’re on vacation and you want to eat, but in a park of six million acres of public and private land, dotted with hundreds of small towns and lots of choices to grab some grub, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to go for a meal. Here’s a timesaver, pick up a copy of Adirondack Eats written by Matt DeLamater and Molly Irvine and read some reviews and get yourself out the door and eating.

Adirondack Eats is an All-Season Restaurant Guide covering the entire Adirondack Park. Divided into 4 regions, covering over 9,000 miles, it features the most popular, most talked about 46 restaurants in the Park. It also lists hundreds of others, listing their addresses, phone numbers and “Local Lowdowns” (phrases that people who frequent these establishments say and recommendations on what to order)

Discover good local places that insiders like to keep to themselves from fine dining to dives, joints and bars.The Local Lowdown features brief comments and information on over 180 restaurants and bars, organized by region.The Top 46 are selected by a combination of both local surveys and secret on-site dining experiences.

Adirondack Eats was written for family vacationers, cheap eaters, foodies, gourmets, snowmobilers, hikers, bikers, campers, canoe trippers, leaf peepers, and barkeaters.

In our small mountain economy dollars spent at local establishments really do have a positive multiplier effect. (unlike big government failed economic policies) Just ask the St. Lawrence graduate, mother of two who migrated back to the region for it’s safety, it’s beauty, great schools and a restaurant keeping her employed all year round.

The good news is the summer is here. People are visiting the Adirondacks because of it’s bucolic beauty, local color, lakes, campgrounds, thousands of miles of hiking trails pristine waterways, rivers, history, fishing, family friendly activities, affordable lakeside vacations and for millions of people from Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Ohio, Canada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City, Long Island, Jersey Shore, it’s only a gas tank away.

So look for the book, try your own restaurant tour. See if you agree with what is said. Do you have your own favorite that’s not included? This book is up to the minute, and as always… don’t forget to eat out in Long Lake and Raquette Lake!

Long Lake Restaurants & Eateries

Adirondack Hotel
Cellar Restaurant and Pub
Cybercreek Internet Cafe
Hoss’s Country CONER
Custard’s Last Stand
Kickerville Mobil Deli
Lakeside Knoshery
Long Lake Diner and Owl’s Head Pub
Quackenbush’s Long View Wilderness Lodge

Raquette Lake

Raquette Lake Tap Room
Tony Harpers Pizza
W.W. Durant Cruise

If I missed any, please email and I will correct it. And always check out the Long Lake website at

Look for copies at area stores including the Adirondack Museum, Hoss’s Country Corner and the Adirondack Hotel. Visit for more information.

One response

  1. Uta Celador

    You have omitted the best place to eat in Long Lake! The Lakeside Knoshery.

    April 22, 2012 at 7:53 am

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