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The Great Adk Scavenger Hunt

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know we have been hit with a tremendous amount of water. The lake has reached levels not recorded for 111 years, if not longer.

Docks are in the woods. Picnic tables, trees, propane tanks, tables, chairs and other personal property has been dislodged by Mother Nature and it all needs a home.

Please note: This is an “unofficial event.” This is a call to action to encourage folks to get out and look for their personal property and debris. If you find things, take photos and please post on facebook or email us at so we can help re-connect people to their items. There is not an “official group of folks” hunting for treasure. Again to be clear – this is a call to action for everyone to come up and look for their personal property. If you find something large – ie. docks – please post info as to where it is so owners can make arrangements to retrieve said items.

Prepare yourselves for a sight that has never been seen before.

Looking for your lost Adirondack chair? Reports have several docks in the woods and scattered along the shoreline.

History has been made. Water levels have exceeded 15 feet in some areas. Tables, chairs, boats. If you love Long Lake and hate bugs… well timing is everything… but please, we invite you to come, clean up the shoreline.

The lake changes daily. Captain O’Brien mans a craft and has reported vast collections of debris and loot along the shorelines, he has done his best to tie items up to trees to prevent it from flowing down river, but he can’t do it alone.

We will see you on Memorial Day Weekend.


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