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Begin the Beguine, Film Shoots in Long Lake, NY

Director Ari Gold and a small film crew descended on Long Lake, NY, Thursday, August 9th to shoot night scenes for the independent feature “Begin the Beguine.” The film crew set up a makeshift production site along route 30 between Helms Aero Service and the Adirondack Hotel. The first exterior shot, according to film producer Zak Kilberg, was a group of characters streaming out of a bar. One character races away from the group, and hops in a guideboat to go home. The rest of the stragglers climb into a car. Seems simple, but when one is shooting on a busy street in Long Lake in the middle of the summer, patience becomes a top priority.

“We don’t have enough PA’s,” uttered an unfazed staffer as the traffic kept moving through. “Earlier today we had to hold shooting for a seaplane buzzing up above the set, but we’re having a blast. These are problems we like to have”

Traffic slowed down mesmerized by the huge lights set up in the Adirondack Hotel parking lot and the crew huddled together on the sidewalk around a monitor.

Curious onlookers and pedestrians were able to pass right through the set up and see production up close. Several times as the crew was ready to roll, a steady stream of cars continued to move through. Shortly before rolling a party barge attempted to dock, but was waved away.

Shooting is slated to go into the night as they will shoot some interior scenes in the Adirondack Hotel.

The cast features Rory Culkin as Ollie

Robert Sheehan as Nikolai

Mary Beth Peil as the grandma

Elizabeth Pena as the maid

Isabelle McNally as Isadora

Year in Review Long Lake

What do you remember about 2011? Well already a day has gone by and I’m sure I missed something. So maybe you got to spend a lot of time in Long Lake this year, or maybe you kept in touch via updates and twitter and your friends and relatives. Maybe you drove down Route 30/28N and decided to spontaneously stay for the night and found a Barber Shop Quartet singing on the beach or Martin Sexton signing autographs. Long Lake is small, but makes the most of the seasons and even though we’re off the beaten path and not right off the railroad tracks or the Northway, we still have our fingers on the pulse (from a quiet distance)

The video is a timeline with both events in and around Long Lake and Raquette Lake interspersed with some images of notable news figures of the past year. Trivia is so popular an event, one of the upcoming questions may revolve around some of the images in this piece – so watch carefully.

What did we miss? I know you’ll be sure to tell me.

See you in 2012. Enjoy the show. Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club Winter Carnival is coming up on January 14, 2012.. THINK SNOW!

This video doesn’t exist

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Spectacular Light Show in Long Lake

The Long Lake Lights are an animated display of Christmas lights set to music and can be found at 46 Stone Lane in Long Lake, NY through New Years Eve January 2012. There are over 14,000 LED lights set to 40 minutes of Christmas music designed, implemented and produced by resident Long Laker and electrician Bill Ellick.

Bill started the show in 2008 because as he says “I wasn’t in debt deep enough and there were so many dark houses in Long Lake at the holidays, I felt I could do something to brighten things up.” He wanted to offer the people of the community something fun celebrating the season and he also admits he likes projects “so I started up with this.”

Long Lake Lights 2011 Photo by Bill Ellick

The lights are controlled by channel boxes purchased from Light-O-Rama in Glens Falls, NY. Each card has 16 channels and are managed through a software program to control the lights and music. To save a few dollars Bill purchases kits to build the controllers used for the show. Bill’s show airs on 87.9 on a legal FM transmitter and when the show isn’t running there is over 40 hours of Christmas music playing.

Bill programs the entire production himself and selects the music for the show. The first song he ever programmed is Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s “Father Christmas” and it still remains one of his favorites. Bill works on each song to follow the music beat by beat. “I have to listen to each song about 400 times.” It takes a minimum of three to six hours to program one minute of music and Bill has 40 minutes of show time. He has also implemented two songs designed by another programmer.

To test the show Bill can control the show remotely through his laptop and wireless router right from his car. As the season progresses he adds new elements having just added candy cane spinners over the weekend. The show is constantly evolving depending on how much time he has and what treasures he unearths in the basement. A bargain hunter, Bill often takes advantage of the end of year Christmas sales to enrich his collection of decorations.

This project is continuous. Next season he hopes to showcase an animated sleigh with reindeer to fly across his house. This year he didn’t put out the choir, or “plastic people” as he calls them. He has plans to create a mountain top with a church, and set the “plastic people” throughout the trees to create a narrative winter scene set to music. At this point he’s looking at an investment of about $8000 for the props so that portion of the project is on standby. He has also considered lighting up trees behind his home to add some more depth to the production.

Bill uses high quality strings of LED lights. There are 120 strings of LED’s illuminating his Christmas tree and each string is about $20 to $25 and “knock on wood, they’ve lasted four years so far.” The electricity bill has been reasonable because the animation of the lights it isn’t drawing as much power as people think. The program and the radio station run off one computer. Everything is timed and all in all, he estimates he uses a total of about five minutes of full power for a 40 minute show.

He doesn’t mind the look of the LED’s either. “LED’s have a deep color, some people don’t care for the pure white of the LED’s and prefer the look of the incandescent glowing yellow colors, but only five percent of my show utilizes incandescent lights.” Bill wishes he had more lights, but he will only use the best quality to avoid the pitfalls of power outages and unpredictable weather. The lights have held their own through torrents of rain, ice and snowstorms.

Bill has been working with electronics all his life and he continues to make this project his focus because at this point “I’ve gotten so carried away and gone overboard with the investment I can’t turn back now.”

At night he keeps the lights off in the front of his house so he can see the cars out front. He gets about 1/2 dozen cars a night, he senses there are more visitors each year.

Bill starts installing the project in October and it runs nightly from 5pm to 10:30pm on weekends and nightly 5-9:30 during the week. Bill will have the show running on New Years Eve and through the first week of January.

Show runs rain, snow or mud!

Tune your FM radio to 87.9 FM to hear the music.

Visitors should not block the main road, keep your radios at a reasonable level, and please turn off your headlights so that everyone can enjoy the show.

Lights are running 6-9:30pm Monday-Friday and 6-10:30pm on Saturday and Sunday nights. Random Lights run from 5pm – 6pm. The lights will be up and running late night on New Years Eve so hop on the LIttle Bus and make a stop at the Long Lake Lights.

For more information about the Long Lake Lights or upcoming events call 518-624-3077.

Adirondack Affair Episode One

On October 1st, 2011 fans of As The World Turns stars, Martha Byrne and Ellen Dolan, arrived in Long Lake NY to participate in a unique fan weekend. Soap fans had the chance to act one on one with real life soap opera stars.

The story follows Grace Duryea (Martha Byrne) as she returns to her hometown of Long Lake, NY for the reading of her estranged father’s will. She’s reluctantly returned after 20 years. The characters she interacts with are all played by fans participating in the unique weekend.

Charlotte (Ellen Dolan) is upset about Grace Duryea’s return to Long Lake. Charlotte wants to keep the ghosts of the past buried, but now it is nearly impossible.

Episode One

Please note: All characters are fictional and created for this project. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is a coincidence.

Special thanks to Ali Baba’s Liquor Store and Quackenbush’s Long View Wilderness Lodge in Long Lake, NY for providing us with great locations.

It’s just one of many events offered to visitors in Long Lake, NY. More episodes to follow and look for Adirondack Affair in 2012. You can act with the stars!

OktoberPETfest in Long Lake

From Adirondack Almanack, written by Diane Chase with additional contribution from Long Lake Parks and Rec.

This Saturday, October 8, two fall festivals have combined forces for what is shaping up to be a fun family event. The Long Lake Harvest Fest and The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts Pet Fest will be held at the ball field in Long Lake from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


“We have been working with the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts to make this an event for everyone,” says Long Lake Event Coordinator Danielle Gagnier. “It is the third year for the Pet Fest and we wanted to work with our neighbors at The Center to provide an active event for the Columbus weekend.”

According to Gagnier, the Long Lake Oktober Pet Fest will host a variety of unique activities geared toward pet owners. There will be a pet agility course with everything from seesaw to hurdles. Owners can register their pets for a maze and the pet show. Prizes will be awarded for Best Pet Trick, Most Unique Pet, Look Like Your Pet and Best Stuffed Pet.

The stuffed pet can be anything from toy to taxidermy. Don’t worry there is plenty to do in addition to the pet activities. One unusual event will be the “Punkin’ Chunkin’. In years past the Harvest Fest held a pumpkin drop but this year “pumpkins will be flying.”

“We have made the event, in many ways, like a carnival,” says Alexandra Verner Roalsvig, Director of Parks, Recreation and Tourism for Long Lake. “There are various activities that will require a $1 ticket. Other events are free. Activities requiring tickets include Magician, Bob Shelley, T-shirt and pumpkin painting, the bounce house, the Kid Zone, Pet Agility Course, the Pet Maze and the fan favorite, the Pet Competition Show Down. Tickets are available for $1 each, and if too many trips to the bounce house add up, wristbands will be available for the kids for access to the fun and games. Play a game and win a prize too! The Punkin Chunkin is new this year. We are asking that people design their own catapult and we provide the pumpkins. That activity is free and we are hoping to see some real originally being shown while participants see who can launch their pumpkin the farthest.”

There are rules for the Punkin’ Chunkin’ Each participant will receive three pumpkins with a misfire being treated as a foul. Each pumpkin will weigh approximately 8-10 lbs. so plan accordingly. No cannons, ignitables or explosives, if that is where your mind is running. Eye protection and hard hat is provided.

Roalsvig is hoping the combined festivals will appeal to visitors and local residents. By keeping the ticket price for various activities at the one-dollar mark, people can pick and choose where to spend their money.

“The Kids’ Zone is going to have Magician Bob Shelley, pumpkin painting, bounce house and T-shirt painting. Each activity will require a ticket but it will be well worth the price,” says Roalsvig.

“The craft fair will be held under the tent and that is free. This year we invited the Long Lake Artisans to be part of the craft fair,” says Roalsvig. “We have wonderful handmade crafts like fishing flies, table runners, Christmas decorations, rustic furniture, fabric arts and a variety of candles. We insist that the products are homemade crafts. Boat builder Bunny Austin just refurbished a guideboat and will have it on display. It has an historic reference so people are encouraged to stop and talk to him about the guideboat and its story.”

Traditional German fare as well as maple cotton candy, Kettle Corn, gourmet desserts and a Saranac Root Beer tasting can be enjoyed while listening to the acoustic music of Adam Reynolds and John Hill.

Parking for the Long Lake Oktober Pet Fest can be found at the Long Lake Central School Parking Lot off Route 30. Call 518-624-3077 for additional information.

Diane Chase is the author of the Adirondack Family Activities Guidebook Series including the recent released Adirondack Family Time: Tri-Lakes and High Peaks Your Guide to Over 300 Activities for Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake, Keene, Jay and Wilmington areas (with GPS coordinates), the first book of a four-book series of Adirondack Family Activities.

Babik Jazz Arrives in Long Lake

On Saturday, September 17th, 2011 at 7:30pm the Town of Long Lake will be presenting Babik Jazz Group at the Long Lake Town Hall.

Babik (pronounced Bah-Beek) is a progressive Gypsy Jazz band inspired by the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt. One of those rare musical ensembles that can truly reach across generational and stylistic lines to create a fan base that is as diverse as their musical influences. At their concerts it is not uncommon to see a white-haired 75 year-old grandmother dancing next to a purple-haired 20-something.

Babik has the ability to bridge passionate jaw-dropping virtuosity, with a rare toe-tapping danceability that keeps its audiences enthusiastically engaged. The group’s ability to connect is evident in the way crowds clamber to clap, dance, and cheer along with nearly every performance. Since forming in 2005, Babik has enjoyed both commercial and artistic success.

All four members (Stuart Fuchs-Lead Guitar, Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry-Violin, Joshua Assad-Rhythm Guitar, Kevin O’Brien-Upright Bass) are full time professional musicians, and the success of their partnership, both on and off stage, shows in their lighthearted improvisational performances.

Babik stays busy performing over 150 shows a year at concert halls and festivals, in addition to facilitating educational programs & improvisation workshops at high schools and colleges.

In March of 2008, Babik worked with arranger Brent Havens (creator of orchestral programs of Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Doors) to create the first ever orchestral program of the music of Django Reinhardt, which was performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra to an audience of thousands. Babik has even performed with the contemporary dance troupe Configuration Dance in a tightly choreographed theatrical show.

Their hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. has awarded them “Best Jazz Band” by two different magazines for three years in a row. Their first release, “Pronounced Bah-Beek”, broke Western New York sales records at two area retailers, and the Buffalo News calls Babik “One of the Hottest Bands in Buffalo”—high praise from a town that launched The Goo-Goo Dolls, Ani DiFranco, Rick James, Spyro Gyra, and Soulive.

With their latest release, “American Gypsy”, the band showcases ten original compositions and three standards that both honor the roots of Gypsy Jazz while exploring a wide range of styles such as Jazz-fusion, Klezmer, World and Latin Music. The result is an amazingly coherent, expansive, and ambitious vision of Gypsy Jazz that will excite jazz and music lovers alike.

Perhaps Buffalo Spree Magazine best expressed the spirit of the band in a recent feature story: “It’s hard not to fall in love with a band whose every tune seems to state ‘We love life and we want to celebrate it.’”

Tickets will be available at the door. $12.00 for adults and kids under 10 are free.

This concert is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council of the Arts Decentralization Regrant Program. In Hamilton County the Decentralization Program is administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake.

Adirondack Affair Slated Sept 30th & Oct 1

On September 30th through October 1st, the Town of Long Lake will be hosting it’s 2nd Annual Adirondack Affair Weekend. This year opening night features a VIP reception, cocktail party and a cabaret with soap opera actresses Martha Byrne, two time Emmy winner best known as Lily Snyder from As The World Turns and Emmy-nominated Ellen Dolan, best known as Margo Hughes, As the World Turns.

Photo by Robin Platzer

For the second year in a row the actresses have agreed to come up for a weekend in the Heart of the Adirondacks to perform and showcase their acting skills with the beautiful fall foliage as a backdrop.

Ellen Dolan on Long Lake

Ellen Dolan acting with Anna Pratt in an acting workshop. Photo by Sue Coflin

Friday Night features a VIP reception, one on one interaction with the actresses and a Cabaret Performance. Check out a selection from last year’s cabaret.

Saturday will be rogue video production featuring participants in this unique weekend themed “Shooting on Location.” Scripted material developed specifically for Adirondack Affair will follow the story of the fictional Duryea Family. Grace Duryea (Martha Byrne) has returned to the quiet burg of Long Lake after the death of her father. She has arrived for the reading of his will and stands to inherit vast tracts of land, properties and businesses vital to the survival of the local economy. Charlotte, played by Ellen Dolan, will be on alert to the arrival of her Grace Duryea, protecting secrets of the past that could change their lives forever. The two women have never met before, but sparks are sure to fly when Grace arrives at her father’s estate.

The story of Grace and Charlotte will follow our guest actors and Adirondack Affair participants on a journey from learning scripted material, camera blocking, to live video taping. Along the way scenes will be shot in and around Long Lake area businesses to highlight local actors and showcase the beauty of Long Lake. There will be acting parts for clerks, receptionists, waitresses, bartenders, shop clerks, caretakers, loggers, school teachers and hopefully a love interest! All levels of acting are welcome and encouraged to attend this unique once in a lifetime opportunity.

The scenes will be uploaded, with permission, to youtube where they will be immortalized on the internet forever.

Most recently Martha Byrne, co-created and executive produced, Gotham The Series, which was nominated for an Emmy this year. Martha has also appeared on General Hospital and written for the daytime drama The Bold and The Beautiful and executive produced a short film, Bye Bye Sally, featuring actress Malin Ackerman.

Ellen Dolan has been very active with the Workshop Theater Company in New York City and is currently starring in the Cape May Stage Production Steel Magnolia’s running through September 10. Ellen Dolan will be playing the role of Truvy, a role played by Dolly Parton in the 1989 film adaptation. In addition to playing Margo Hughes, Ellen Dolan originated the role of Maureen Reardon on Guiding Light and has appeared on Law and Order Special Victims Unit and has recently worked on two films, Southside and Molly’s Girl.

Now is your chance to act one on one with Emmy winning and nominated actresses. Learn the nuts and bolts of straight to tape acting, camera blocking and competing for the “egg.”

The weekend is unique and full of surprises. Don’t miss out. Sign up today. For more information check out Adirondack Affair or call 518-624-3077 Sign up today!

Make it a Mother/Daughter weekend you’ll never forget!

Schumer and Gillibrand Visit Long Lake Central School

Long Lake, NY, August 12, 2011

US Senator’s Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand stopped by Long Lake Central School on Friday, August 12th as part of a whirlwind tour of the Adirondack North Country Region to meet with leaders from around the Adirondacks and to engage in conversation about jobs and the most vital issues facing Adirondack residents today.

On tap for the structured panel discussion included William Farber, Chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors, Brian Towers, President of the Adirondack Association of Towns and Villages, Mark Brand, Superintendent of Indian Lake Central School, Kate Fish, Executive Director of ANCA, Garry Douglas, President and CEO of the North Country Chamber of Commerce, and Ann Melious, Director of Economic Development and Tourism for Hamilton County.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand outside Long Lake Central School

Kirsten Gillibrand arrived in the room first, shook everyone’s hand and made light of the fact that Chuck was still out in the hallway talking. Gillibrand opened up the discussion with her appreciation for everyone coming out to meet with them and cited the most important issue of the day: jobs.

Senator Schumer entered the room with Bill Farber and greeted everyone and remarked on the beauty of the area, the bustle of the town, the great weather and then the panel got down to business.

Bill Farber led the meeting, thanked Long Lake Central School for hosting the event then and called on the panelists to share their insights.

Brian Towers spoke first and gave both US Senators copies of the APRAP study. The report is the result of a two-year research effort by and for the communities of the Adirondack Park to provide a data-rich, factual baseline for discussion and planning of park issues at both the local and regional levels.

Schumer and Gillibrand at the Panel Discussion

Brian Towers touched upon the human desire of people who want to live in the Adirondack region because of the natural beauty, water, quality of life, small schools, but the lack of jobs has bled the region dry. He listed several ideas that included attracting innovative thinkers in rural development to the region, and the need to create and develop loan funds to support infrastructure. Other ideas included: the possibility of carbon credits, developing family friendly jobs focusing on biomass and to foster a way to encourage and reward private investment.

Mark Brand, about the schools in the immediate Hamilton County area. He emphasized the answer is not to consolidate the schools, but to create opportunities out of challenges. Model the regional school districts as the Newcomb, NY school district has done, and to seek federal help to revise immigration laws to make it easier for smaller communities and public schools to host foreign students.

Kate Fish spoke about the Common Ground Alliance’s successful meeting held in July (in Long Lake at Mt. Sabattis) which is a cross-section of people in the Adirondacks with differing views. This year’s event the Common Ground participants were asked to rank potential workable ways to model a future for park residents and the overall consensus was to work on the model for the Sustainable Life, but for that to succeed it was vital to have broadband available in the region.

Garry Douglas outlined the potential revitalization of the historical train corridor route between Utica and Lake Placid with an emphasis on connecting to Tupper Lake. Douglas also mentioned the possibility of developing it as a recreational corridor, clarifying that trains and a viable recreation corridor for hiking, biking and snowmobiling would not be exclusive of the other.

Both Kate Fish and Garry Douglas touched upon the importance of broadband to the region and the topic elicited a big reaction and much interest from both Schumer and Gillibrand. The panel discussion veered off course so the senators could clarify the needs of the area. Where broadband is available now? Where wireless is available and if one was more viable to the region than the other depending on the area it was serving.

In Long Lake cell phone service is available from AT&T only and not Verizon.

The broadband discussion emphasized the need for money to serve the last mile of broadband. The hardest challenge is the connection from a main hub to the local residents. Gillibrand is working on a farm bill and discussion on the agricultural committee is the consideration to put a requirement similar to the original telephone bill to make broadband service available and mandatory all across the country.

Senator Schumer with Ann Melious

Ann Melious from Hamilton County, NY spoke about the effort by the county to promote and attract younger families with children to move to the region. Hamilton County is starting a campaign to tap into what is most attractive about our area to live including: safety, scenery, sense of community, small schools and to encourage people to work from home. She sought support from the senators to consider the possibility of Hamilton County being part of a pilot program and model for rural communities across the nation.

Schumer and Gillibrand wanted to clarify that their job encompasses everything from big problems to small and they are here to serve the needs for everyone in New York State. Everyone is encouraged to contact their office with their thoughts, concerns or ideas. Schumer mentioned that the elimination of earmarks was tough on rural economies and directly effects those in the Adirondacks. “Getting rid of earmarks makes our job harder.”

Time was short, the itinerary was tight and the Senators took some photos with guests at Long Lake Central School. Once photo ops were completed they continued on their North Country Tour.

Senator Schumer, Long Lake Town Supervisor Clark Seaman, Senator Gillibrand

Historical Society Showcase Slated

Long Lake Historical Society Welcomes Sidney Whelan

They say timing is everything. On Friday, August 5th Concierge Auctions will be auctioning off Camp Kwenogamac, the former summer home of Arpad Gerster in Long Lake, NY. Well it just so happens the Long Lake Historical Society has invited Sidney Whalen to present his talk on Arpad Gerster on the same day the property is slated to go up for auction.

Remodeled interior of original Gerster Property in Long Lake, NY

From the Concierge Auction Website, “Camp Kwenogamac is a coveted gem of Upstate New York. Situated on an exclusive gated road in a private wilderness, this 100% self-sufficient complex offers unrivaled mountain views and Long Lake frontage for endless recreational possibilities. With its bold, sustainable innovation and attention to detail in design, Camp Kwenogamac is off-the-grid living at its finest.” For more info click on the link 

Link to Concierge Auctions

Here’s a thought, buy the property and then show up at the Long Lake Town Hall and hear all about the slice of history you just bought. Interested in the original Gerster Furniture that came with the property? Check out next weekend’s auction in Saranac Lake NY, Furniture Inventory from Gerster Camp

View of the Seward Mountains from the site of Gerster Long Lake Property

Sidney S. Whelan, Jr. will be presenting a lecture and slideshow on Arpad Gerster for the Long Lake Historical Society exhibition to be held on Friday, August 5th. The lecture will be a the Long Lake Town Hall at 7pm.

Whelan will be discussing the history of Gerster based on his book Notes Collected in the Adirondacks 1895 & 1896, the Fishing and Hunting Diary with Insights of a Physician, Scholar, and Humanist, acclaimed by Bill McKibben, Nelson Bryant, and Nick Lyons, and many others.

A surgeon who practiced at Mt. Sinai in New York City in the late 1890s and early 1900s, Dr. Arpad Gerster, Hungarian by birth, was also a sportsman, linguist, and an artist. Both diaries chronicle his visits to the Adirondacks, where he had camps at Raquette Lake and later Long Lake.

Gerster’s vivid, often humorous observations of nature and people, his delight in the outdoors, and his drawings and etchings offer a larger portrait of the Adirondack region in the age of William West Durant, Great Camps, railroads, and the beginning of the conservation movement.

Illustrated with Gerster’s own work as well as maps of the region from the 1890s, the latest book contains an interview with Dr. John C. A. Gerster, Dr. Arpad Gerster’s son, and a detailed index covering both volumes. Mr. Whelan will have copies of the book available for sale at his lecture on Friday evening.

In addition to Sidney’s lecture on Friday evening, the Historical Showcase will feature old photos of Camp St. Mary, Images of Long Lake men and women who have served in the military and a 100 year history of The Adirondack Hotel in photos. Saturday night at 7pm, Ray Smith will be presenting a slideshow.

The Long Lake Historical Society Showcase will be at the Long Lake Town Hall Friday, August 5th 6pm, with lecture and slideshow at 7pm. It will be open on Saturday, August 6th from 1pm with a slideshow at 7pm and open on Sunday, August 7th from 1pm to 4pm. Admission is free and contributions are welcome. Call 624-5374 for more information.

Fiddle Jam Postponed

With deep regret the Long Lake Parks and Rec Department has postponed the Spring Blossom Fiddle Jam slated for Sunday, May 1st. Unfortunately due to a State of Emergency by the Town of Long Lake it was recommended to reschedule the event for another time when all roads are open to full traffic.

At this time Route 30 from Blue Mt. Lake to Long Lake has limited vehicular traffic. No tractor trailers or log trucks are permitted from Blue Mt. Lake to Long Lake. All truck traffic is being diverted to Newcomb on Route 28N as trucks are not allowed through downtown Long Lake over the Long Lake Bridge on Route 30 until further notice.

Passenger vehicles have been getting through at their own risk.

We will reschedule with Frank Orsini and The Whippersnappers and Donnie Perkins and the Family Band for a future date. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Always call ahead. All events are subject to change without notice.


Trip the Orb Fantastic

Little One Near the Orb

Wednesday night , January 19th was the sixth night of “orbing.”

At 7pm there’s a knock on my kitchen door. Will (artist, Matt Burnett’s Dad) needs the key to the Geiger Arena at the Mt. Sabattis orb location. He’s got snow in his beard and he wears a headlamp. “We tripped the circuit.” Having just finished family dinner, I put down the dirty dinner dishes and leave the mashed potatoes cold on the stove and the chicken to coagulate in the pan. I grab my sleeping bag coat, known around town as my homeless person Port Authority coat, but keeps me warm and I head out.

Two moments later – in Long Lake, time is measured in moments as most places in the center of town only take moments to reach, I arrive on the Mt. Sabattis scene to darkness. The orb, located across the street, glistens with LED projected illuminated water movement. Momentarily I’m hypnotized by the moving images, but I snap back to attention and flip through my key ring. I identify the appropriate key by the color and position on the crowded ring. Finally, the silver key next to the town hall key next to the padlock key near my car key, next to my old house keys from New Jersey which I really should get rid of, but I don’t because they help me remember the positions of all the other keys. I find the key I need and open the back door with success.

Inside the garage we squeeze around the four-wheeler, the shovels and the water hose for the ice rink. The circuit box is located in one of two closets and the switches are carefully labeled: tennis lights and basketball courts, microwave, range, flood lights, hot water heater with a red cross and skull bones, refrigerator… Not that one. Willy spots it, “Garage outlets, outside wall. This is the only one that’s tripped.” He reset it (he worked for NYSEG for years, I figure he knows how to do these things). Leaving the garage door unlocked we trudge back into the tundra where the slide projectors and extension cords are partially buried under the snowpack.

Orb on the Blarneystone Site

Willy huddled down near the orb following the electric cords connecting the two Kodak Extrachrome slide projectors somewhat protected in handmade wooden boxes. He flips the switch. The orb illuminates. But now to position the machines – just so, so the light bends around the shape. Where is artist Matt? Willy explains they got a late start to lighting the projections. Matt’s dog got loose and he had to run all over the place to reign him back in. They got a later start than anticipated and of course they ran into the circuit breaker snafu, but Will was confident Matt had made sure all the other projectors were on at the other area locations.

Because Matt was running around chasing his dog at darkness, spectators from Saranac Lake arrived on the scene having heard about the orbs on NPR and by reading in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, but they were initially met with darkness. Luckily June and John (two local Long Lake “orbers”) were also orbing and they intercepted the potential audience and encouraged the visitors to have dinner and check out the orbs a bit later because “the artist lost his dog.” Please note: Dog is safe and sound.

I went home and picked up my reluctant family a bit after 7pm. “Why do we have to go outside? We’ve seen these orbs? Do we have to? I want to play video games and pick out my outfit for tomorrow” Excuses pile on, but I won’t take no for an answer. My husband remains distracted by an invitation to play music. “No we are going orbing, this is a family activity. Now get in the car!”

Our first stop, the spillway across from the Long Lake Town Public Restrooms near the bridge, across from the Town Beach. Access the orbs by parking at the Gillis Realty/Raquette River Outfitter Parking Lot. Park the car and walk around the barricade or follow the snowmobile tracks onto the pond. (DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK)

"Mommy - I think it's a farm orb"

The kids marvel at walking on the pond. I inform them proudly, “this used to be the skating rink, until the weather starting being super sketchy and it wouldn’t freeze every year.” My seven year old daughter asks gingerly, “am I going to fall into the lake?” My son’s response, “I hope so.” They frolic in the snow, admire Long Lake Central up at the top of the hill, and listened as a DOT snowplow scraped the blade all the way up route 30.

The still image facing the road is a black and white image taken in Long Lake many moons ago. My daughter exclaims “it’s a farm, Mommy. It looks like a farm.” She poses in the light, “I’m the chicken.” My husband takes some shots of her. We walk to the other side to check out the patterned image. “It looks like bloody trees and branches,” exclaims my son.

We scamper back out to the pond, following crusted over snowmobile tracks, trying not to get snow in our boots. We check out the lights as they merge in the center of the orb. The cold grips us. “On to the next orb!”

We continue on our journey meeting friendly orbers checking out the other sites. We meet a group at the site of the old Blarneystone. My son accidentally kicks snow into the casing housing the projector. Luckily Matt arrives and notices there is no image on the orb. He rushes to the wooden box and blows the snow out of the slide projector.

Matt asks me, “do you know anyone with any slide projector bulbs?” Matt’s preparing the larger installation starting production next week at St. Lawrence University. “And I need one more extension cord for tomorrow. The circuit breaker tripped because I was using one of my grandpa’s old extension cords. It was so old that it crackled when I moved it around, and then it crackled some more. I think I need a better cord and more bulbs.”

Local Orber's Check out the Orb. One orber exclaims, "I can see this from my bathroom window and I took a picture the other night."

We rounded out the night with another visit to the last two orbs. The moving water orb decidedly our favorite, my daughter skips over to the other side, “look I see a butterfly!” The images at Mt. Sabattis looked like a bridge and flowers. Up close the orbs take on a different look and feel. From a distance another orbtastic view. Just fun to get out of the house mid-week after homework and dinner. Living in Long Lake can be quiet and mesmerizing at times and at other times… we wait for summer, this year I’m determined to enjoy each season as it comes.

A few cars stop on the side of the road checking the orbs out. It’s a Wednesday night and people are out, looking to connect with something a little different.

In an effort to include the community Matt and Scott have invited the public to submit Long Lake photos for a rotating image reel on the live video projection orb for Friday night, location yet to be determined. So far five people have submitted a selection of images from around Long Lake, including folks living in New Jersey and Kansas.

The final night of E-Lumination in Long Lake is on Saturday, January 22nd.

This project is made possible in part from support from the following organizations: The Arts Council for the Northern Adirondacks, New York State Foundation for the Arts, The Adirondack Museum, The Town of Long Lake Parks and Recreation Deparment and the Long Lake Archives, Union College, St. Lawrence University, Gillis Reality, John and Jackie Heron, Michael Lombardi, Justin and Darlene St. Amour and William Creighton and with public funds from the New York State Council of the Arts Decentralization Regrant Program. In Hamilton County the Decentralization Program is administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake.

Celebrate the Season in Long Lake

Annie The Musical Promo Banner

The Town of Long Lake is pleased to announce a holiday collaboration with the Long Lake Library and the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts for “Celebrate the Season” December 3 – 5th.

On Friday, December 3rd don’t miss out on Annie, The Musical. The show will be at the Long Lake Town Hall at 7pm. Tickets are available on line at or by calling 352-7715. The classic musical, featuring a cast from all over the Adirondacks, comes to life as part of the Arts Center’s Regional Holiday Production. Don’t miss out as little orphan Annie overcomes great odds to find a better life. A perfect holiday production!

On Saturday, December 4th the Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Long Lake Library and Friends will be sponsoring a Christmas Craft Fair at the Long Lake Central School starting at 10am. Vendors, crafters, food by the Cybercreek Café, and fun events for the kids will be at the school gym.

At 1pm look for the Long Lake Little Bus departing from the school parking lot for a unique tour of shops and crafters working in their Long Lake homes. Look for tour stops to include the Adirondack Cottage Store, a Christmas Display at Samantha Bateman’s, Wool Spinning at Adirondack Fibers, candlemaking at Jocinda Evans and a unique array of original art and creations at Louisa Woodworth’s studio. There will be holiday piano music at the Adirondack Hotel, special deals at Hoss’s Country Corner and much much more.

Maps of the tour will be available at area businesses and the tour operates from 1pm to 4pm. The Little Bus will be shuttling people around town, but everyone is welcome to drive themselves. If you are interested in being a vendor at the craft fair contact Jackie Mallery at 624-2056 or if you would like to be a stop on the town tour contact Long Lake Parks and Recreation at 624-3077.

Saturday evening the Cellar Restaurant and Pub welcomes the “Not Too Far From Home” comedy act at 9pm featuring comic Aaron David Ward. Tickets are $10 or $12 at the door. There is limited seating so get your tickets today by calling 624-5539.

Sunday, December 5th at 12:30pm the Crèche celebration will commence at the Long Lake Town Hall. Refreshments, coffee and cookies will be served followed by a vocal concert at 3:30pm by Mark Perry of Bolton Landing at the United Methodist Church.

Also December 4th officially kicks off the Decorating Contest slated to be judged for cash prizes on December 17th and 18th. Dust off your tinsel, get out the lights and check the electrical. Long Lake is lighting up for the holiday season! Categories include Best Decorated Home and Best Decorated Business. Check us out on the web at

Harvest Fest and Halloween in Long Lake, NY

Chip Farr Drops a Pumpkin

Long Lake hosted Harvest Fest on October 9th featuring the long anticipated pumpkin drop. Judges, Natalie Luxford, Trudi Winter and Valerie Galvangi compared seventeen entries.

Judges for the Pumpkin Drop

Stephen Lamos of Long Lake took home the coveted cash prize for Best Splatter.

Highway Superintendent, Chip Farr, and Canton college student, Erik Arsenault, were launched over 42 feet in the air to drop the pumpkins behind the Long Lake Town Hall on Route 30.

Ghoulish House on Route 28N in Long Lake NY

Halloween has arrived early in Long Lake. Sam and Jim Bateman have decorated their front lawn and porch with spooky ghoulish creatures, lights, pumpkin heads, spiders, and all things Halloween. Their home, located on route 28N in Long Lake, creates an impact at night surprising passers by with the orange glow from the decorations. Sam has witnessed cars driving by at full speed stop in their tracks and back up to check out her display.

When asked why she does it? Whether its Halloween, the Fourth of July or Christmas, Sam likes to have fun with whatever holiday she can. Check out her displays nightly at darkness until about 8:30pm. Their home is on Newcomb Road in Long Lake, about a mile from the intersection of Route 30 and 28N.

An Adirondack Affair Cabaret with Martha Byrne

An Adirondack Affair on Oct 1,2 took fans of the soap opera genre behind the scenes. A panel discussion on Friday night tore apart the realities of the future of soaps and what could have prevented the downsizing of the industry. Panelists listed everything from the OJ Simpson trial as the first death knell to the internet and shrinking budgets and lack of corporate vision.

Saturday workshops included writing. Participants learned about the process of how a daytime drama script is conceived and written in a short window of time and 250 episodes of material have to scribed a year. Acting workshops saw Yvonne Perry ex-Rosanna from As The World Turns work scenes with aspiring actresses.

Martha Byrne worked on the 2nd workshop session and her students ran scenes with her from As The World Turns and All My Children. The classes were so small, each student really had an opportunity to work up close with our actresses.

The finale workshop with Ellen Dolan was yet another special treat. Ellen performed scenes playing all the characters of Lucinda, Lisa and Nancy Hughes. Ellen’s impersonations and line readings showcased her depth as an actress as well as her sense of humor and love of the genre. “Acting is playing” says Dolan.

Saturday night featured a VIP reception for special guests to meet everyone up close and personal and then a cabaret at the Town Hall in LL. Ellen Dolan opened up the show with a rendition of “What Will I Do” a goodbye to Scott Holmes, her TV husband for over 20 years. A strikingly emotional and beautiful vocal performance.

Martha Byrne rounded out the night with a number of songs she performed as Lily on As The World Turns, including “Carry Me With You,” a song she penned for her co-star Jon Hensley slash Holden Snyder. The song, featured here, “Need You Now” is performed by Byrne, local musicians Eric Peter, Yod Crewsy and Broadway rehearsal pianist Daniel Monteczuma (currently working the rehearsal circuit for “In the Heights”)

It was a great weekend for fans and for people interested in television production and the arts. We look forward to hosting this event again next year. A do-not miss event.

Soaps’ demise a boost to Long Lake By TOM KEYSER Staff Writer Published: 12:00 a.m., Friday, October 1, 2010

(excerpt from the Times Union)

LONG LAKE — When Alexandra Verner Roalsvig was a child of 8 in this Adirondack town, her family’s television got two stations, and they were both CBS affiliates. So she grew up watching “As the World Turns.”

Now, as director of tourism in Long Lake (population 850 year-round, 6,000-8,000 summers), she has organized a two-day event this weekend called “An Adirondack Affair.” A panel discussion tonight will address the question: What happened to our shows?

“Our shows” are soap operas, specifically “As the World Turns,” where Roalsvig worked for 17 years as production assistant before moving last year back to Long Lake, 130 miles north of Albany. She has invited five former colleagues — a writer, director and three “As the World Turns” actresses (two-time Emmy-award-winning Martha Byrne, Ellen Dolan and Yvonne Perry, who lives in the Capital Region) — to participate in a panel discussion, acting and writing workshops, and a cabaret performance. (See box.)

Much has changed since 1978, when Roalsvig began watching “As the World Turns.” Then, it was the most-watched daytime drama with 10 million viewers. Two weeks ago, it went off the air after 13,858 episodes. It debuted in 1956.

With the demise last year of “Guiding Light,” only six daytime soap operas are left, down from a peak of 19 in 1970. You can blame O.J. Simpson for that.

After Simpson’s murder trial in 1995 pre-empted daytime TV for months, ratings for soap operas never returned to their pre-trial numbers, says Fritz Brekeller, a director who has worked more than 20 years in soap operas, helped write histories of leading soaps and is conducting research for a documentary about soap operas.

“The Simpson trial was a real-life soap opera unfolding on TV,” says Brekeller, one of the participants at Long Lake. “By the time it ended, a lot of people who were in the habit of watching soaps discovered that they didn’t need to watch them as much anymore.”

They found other options for their daytime-drama fix. Simpson’s trial led to talk shows “jumping on the real-life bandwagon,” Brekeller says. “They began dealing with the same kind of stories that the daytime dramas were dealing with,”

In addition, the Lifetime network was gaining in popularity by airing shows geared to 18-to-49-year-old women, the demographic that had bolstered soaps for decades. More and more women went to work. More cable channels sprang up — then soap-inspired prime-time dramas such as “Peyton Place” and “Dallas,” then the Internet, then reality shows.

They all sucked viewers from the soaps. And as ratings declined, the soaps started downsizing, reducing casts, cutting salaries and compromising creativity.

“It really is all about downsizing in corporate America,” says Byrne, the award-winning actress who spent more than two decades on “As the World Turns.” “It involves a lot of different aspects of how the world is changing.

“Something that’s worked for 54 years, why is it gone? What changed, not just in the world and the genre, but what happened behind the scenes to affect those changes?”

She and Brekeller say TV executives made some bad choices that contributed to the soaps’ demise. They will talk about those with colleagues in the panel discussion and throughout “An Adirondack Affair.”

“We’re living in an age where people are just busier,” Brekeller says. “Everybody has to work. Everybody’s trying to balance so many responsibilities. I just don’t think people have the time anymore to commit to watching a show five days a week.”

Tom Keyser can be reached at 454-5448 or by e-mail at

‘An Adirondack Affair’


Long Lake Town Hall:

7 p.m. panel discussion: “What Happened to Our Shows?” (Participants: Actresses Ellen Dolan, Yvonne Perry and Martha Byrne from “As the World Turns,” writer Tom Casiello from “The Young and the Restless” and director Fritz Brekeller from “All My Children.”)

Admission: $15, $10 members of Adirondack Lakes Center of the Arts


Long Lake Central School:

9:30 a.m.: registration

10-11:30 a.m., 1-2:30 p.m., 2:30-4 p.m.: acting workshops

10-11:30 a.m.: writing workshop

Admission: $20 per session, $55 for three sessions

Location to be announced:

5:30 p.m.: VIP reception (benefit for Adirondack Lakes Center of the Arts)

Admission: $50

Long Lake Town Hall:

7:30 p.m.: Cabaret performance by Ellen Dolan and Martha Byrne

Admission: $15, $10 members of Adirondack Lakes Center of the Arts

Info: 624-3077,

Have An Adirondack Affair

The Town of Long Lake and The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts are thrilled to announce their partnership for the sudsiest event of the season.

Sneak away to Long Lake for an unforgettable weekend October 1st and 2nd and have “An Adirondack Affair” with two time Emmy Award Winner, Martha Byrne, and Emmy-nominated Ellen Dolan (Margo Hughes, As The World Turns). Friday night join us for a panel discussion all about the why’s and how’s of Soap Operas. Hear the crazy stories about the daily routine, the backstage dirt and unveil the truth about what went wrong and why so many of our favorite “soaps” are disappearing. Saturday workshops include acting, directing and writing workshops with Emmy-winning writer Tom Casiello from the Young and the Restless, and Emmy-nominated Directing Talent Fritz Brekeller from All My Children. Enjoy one-on-one time with Soap Stars Martha and Ellen. Get to know the actors, hone your craft and make your dreams come true in a small town setting. Tickets are available at

Martha Byrne is a two-time Daytime Emmy winning actress, producer and writer. She is best known for her more than two decade run on the CBS Daytime Drama AS THE WORLD TURNS where she portrayed the role of Lily Walsh Snyder, and later her twin Rose D’Angelo. Her award collection also includes numerous magazine awards and three National Viewer’s Voice Awards. Martha began her career at the age of ten with a two year run on the Broadway stage as July in the world renowned show “Annie.” Martha’s resume also includes over 30 television and film projects. Since leaving ATWT in March 2008, Martha has starred on GENERAL HOSPITAL, worked as a script writer on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, performed in a stage production of “Other People’s Money,” and was executive producer of the film, Bye Bye Sally, starring Malin Ackerman.

Ellen Dolan joined AS THE WORLD TURNS as policewoman Margo Hughes in November 1989, after having been asked to consider the part by the late Doug Marland, the head writer for the CBS daytime drama Dolan debuted as Bauer on GUIDING LIGHT in 1982, portraying the popular character for the next four years. Her additional television credits include the made-for-television movies “Mother’s Day,” “Mothers, Daughters and Lovers” with Helen Shaver and Claude Atkings, and “Dancing with Danger,” with Cheryl Ladd and Ed Marinaro. Her stage career began in 1980 at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater with roles such as Katrin in “Mother Courage.” Her subsequent roles in numerous regional productions have included Maggie in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” at the Virginia Stage Company, May in “How the Other Half Loves” at the Pennsylvania Stage Company, and Clelia in “The Nerd” at the Capitol Repertory in Albany, NY. She also started a theater company in New York called The Studio Three Group. Dolan earned her B.A. and M.F.A. degrees in theater from the University of Iowa in Iowa City. While working toward her bachelor’s degree, she spent a summer studying dramatic arts at the Webber Douglas Academy in London. Dolan was born in Monticello, Iowa and was raised in Decorah, Iowa. Now the longest-running actress by far to play Margo, Dolan continues to work regularly in local theater. For ticket and lodging information check out, and

Couldn’t Do it Without You!

Horseshoe Lounge Playboys

It’s been quite a summer in Long Lake and Raquette Lake.  The weather has cooperated by providing us with glorious sunny weather, much to the chagrin of the overworked Water Departments in District 1 and District 2!

We had a roster of events entertaining residents and visitors alike and the Town of Long Lake would like to thank all the individuals and organizations who volunteered their time to add vibrancy to our summer schedule.  The outstanding commitment and passion is infectious and greatly appreciated.

Thank you’s – in no particular order and I apologize in advance if you didn’t get a mention and please forgive me if I missed you !  Just drop me a line and I will add your name!

Thanks to:

The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts for bringing us My Adirondack Life, Frog and Toad, Godspell, Shakespeare in the Park, Spelling Bee, Kimberlee Akimbo and so much more.

The Raquette Lake Fish and Game Club for sponsorship of the Lamphear Memorial Fishing Derby, the Bass Fishing Derby, the Kid’s Fishing Derby and Derby fun all year long.

Jim and Mary Jo Waite for coordinating the Long Lake Kid’s Day Derby in June.

The Long Lake Fish and Game and Club for coordinating the Opening Day Derby and the End of Summer Bass Derby and sponsorship of the Kid’s Derby and all Pistol Tournament and the Trap Shoot Tournaments and for gaining momentum for membership!

Hamilton County Tourism, Bill  Osborne, Dean Nervik and Christy Wilt for publicizing Long Lake Events and coordinating the Birding Festival Tours in Long Lake.  Thanks to tour guides Bill Labes and Joan Collins and John and Pat Thaxton, RL Naviagtion and if I missed anyone.. I’m sorry!

Scott Mariam and the Bear Bait Radio Club for Ham Radio Field Days operation and look for their Ham Radio Class and Test in October.

Patty Farrell and Shirley Ware for helping coordinate the First Ever Adirondack Quilt Camp!

The CV Whitney Long Lake Library for their reading program and great workshops and lectures throughout the summer and all year long and of course the Book Sale!

Thanks to the Friends of the Long Lake Library for sponsoring the Great Adirondack Auction and the Art and Photo show.  Thanks for your patience for our limited building space this year!

The Raquette Lake Library for sponsoring Puttin’ On the Ritz and great Wednesday programs in the summer and all year long including Gerry Lemmo, Mitch Lee,  Jeff Boyer and Bubbles and the RL Book Sale on the Busiest Weekend of the Year.

St Williams on Long Point for their Thursday concert series and special concert for Durant Days!

Raquette Lake Fire Department for the use of their building on busy holiday weekends for the Strawberry Festival and the Fishing Tournament and Hunter’s Dinners in the fall and for being on call when they are needed the most!  And thanks for the great and ever popular auction!  A crowd pleaser every year and for a great cause.

Raquette Lake Supply for the use of the Village Green!  Thanks for your generosity Mr. Dillon!

Burke’s and Bird’s for registration location for the Boat Parade and for sponsorship of the Cardboard Box Races.

RL Navigation for helping coordinate Durant Days weekend and promoting the area and loaning of the barge for all the fireworks shows over Raquette Lake.

All 4th of July Bed Race participants!  Great job!  Can’t wait to see what you come up with next year.

Chip Farr, Craig Wamback and Bill Pohl for their professional fireworks displays.

Stan Holowinksi and Beth Davis for coordinating all the fun Raquette Lake Town Events and for putting out all the brochures and calendars all over town!

The Raquette Lake Tap Room for sponsorship of events all year long.

The Long Lake Fire Department for their yummy 4th of July BBQ, the 75th Anniversary Weekend, Parade, music, games and fun and the Labor Day BBQ!  Keep raising money for that new building!

Friends of Music a the United Methodist Church and Jackie Mallery for coordinating the very popular music programs on Thursday evenings in the summer.

Great Camp Sagamore for their free tours during Durant Days and their generous gifts for all our Float  Nights and Cardboard Box Race competitions!

Northern Needles for the Biennial Quilt and Needlework show.

Ric Knox, Dianne Shelly, Dixie LeBlanc, Tom Helms, Pat Benton,  Motel Long Lake, Marty Friedman and the Long Lake Boat Tours and Jerry Burnett for the use of the docks for the Boat Show and thanks to all the participants in our first ever Antique and Classic Wooden Boat Show!  We had 16 boats!  Thanks. Congrats to Mike and Jacquie Rivette for winning “Spectator’s Choice!”

Thanks to Mary Blanchard for coordinating the Raquette Lake Craft Fair on the Busiest Weekend of the year!

The Order of the Eastern Star #745 for the Pie Sale, donations to the Teen Center and their Adopt – A –Highway Area and much much more all summer long!

The United Methodist Women for their Annual Bazaar (thanks for moving it this summer for the lack of building space!)

The Beautification Committee to jumpstart the summer.  Fred Short for helping weed at the Medical Center.. it’s a start!  Sam Bateman, Pat Benton, Francie, Doug Blodgett, Michelle Helms and Doug Finlay.

Thanks to Chris Blumberg and all the volunteers planting the flowers in the barrels all around Long Lake.

Thanks to the Long Lake Association and the Raquette Lake Property Owner’s Association for co-sponsoring the Lake Steward Programs to keep our lakes healthy and prevent the spread of invasive species!

Thanks to the Forest Rangers Jim Waters & Jason Scott for helping revise the text for the Long Lake and Raquette Lake hiking brochure!

Thanks to the businesses for staying open and offering specials and events and trying new things!

Thanks to the Hamilton County News, the Weekly Adirondack, The Adirondack Express, the North Creek News Enterprise, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and the Adirondack Almanack for listing and promoting our events!

Thanks to a great Parks and Rec Staff, Cindy Black, Amanda Helms, Kelsey Tebo, Seth Baker, Devin Tokarz, Erik “Opie” Arsenault, Cari Verner, Brooke Chartier, Casey McDermott, Derek Vill, Danielle Gagnier, and Sarah Paiement.

Thanks to the Highway and Water Department of Long Lake and Raquette Lake for helping out whenever we needed you.

And again, if I have neglected to list you personally, I do apologize, there was so much going on this summer I simply couldn’t list everyone and I’m sure I missed something crucial, but that’s because the phone is ringing with plans for next summer!

Summer Starts Memorial Day Weekend

Float Night Huge Success!

Goggles and a chair couldn't keep this guy afloat!

On August 13, 2010 Float Night at the Long Lake Town Beach drew a great enthusiastic and competitive crowd. 25 teams entered to compete for prizes ranging from a seaplane ride for two to a pizza cruise on Raquette Lake. Some folks got their competitive edge up when one boat (pictured here) arrived with a plastic chair. Judges ruled the chair would be acceptable as it was not considered “flotation savvy” He did manage to stay above water for a competitive period of time, but other contestants definitely had their competitive concerns. Hey… this is vacation, we’re here to have fun!

The first launch

Thanks to the Horseshoe Lounge Playboys who arrived in their bus and played a great set of original Americana bluegrass music beachside.

Horseshoe Lounge Playboys

For more photos check out for over 90 pictures. Fan us, friend us!

These two boats tied in the first heat.

Long Lake Wooden Boat Show

Docking Station located beside Town Dock and LL Marina

The Long Lake Boat Show on July 10th showcased a total of 16 boats. Starting at 10am boats were on display from the Town Dock to the Town Beach. Maps were available at a tent set up as a voting station at the town beach. It was a community all-volunteer effort to launch the Wooden Boat Show in its first year. Boat owners participated in a boat parade at 4pm and the day rounded up at the Adirondack Hotel to award a trophy for Spectator’s Choice to the Rivette’s 1961 Chris Craft.

Docks and space for docking were provided by The Town of Long Lake, Helms Aeroservice, Pat Benton, Long Lake Boat Tours and Lakeside Knoshery, Dr. William Lee, Motel Long Lake, Dixie LeBlanc. Robert Keogh and his grandson Robert helped coordinate the docking of boats and Ric Knox of American Boatworks spearheaded the effort to bring this event to life by encouraging boat owners to participate.

There were seven docks and 16 boats, some boats were on display near the waterfront and on the road side.

Whitney 1926 Osprey – Albany Boat Works
Hovey – 2003 Elco Electric
Hartmann 1947 Chris Craft
Campbell 1962 Chris Craft
Shelly 1949 Chris Craft
Shelly 1958 Century
Shelly 1945 Gar Wood
Shea – 1953 Feathercraft
Rivette 1961 Chris Craft
Oehrle Class of 52 Chris Craft
Vasel 1953 Penn Yan 13
Samson 1940 Chris Craft
Searle 1962 Chris Craft
Smith Old Town & Wooden Sail Boat
+ 2 Guideboats

The Osprey 1926 Albany Boat Works

Raquette Lake Cardboard Box Derby

Winners Rochester Team Number 3 Holding up their prizes

2nd Place Team - The Eminators - before the race

The Town of Long Lake hosted Cardboard Box Derby Races in Raquette Lake on Saturday, August 7, 2010. Nine Teams participated in building their creations out of cardboard procured from top secret area locations. Event organizer Amanda Helms takes great pride in using recycled material for these ingenious family oriented, fun races.

Work begins on the winning boat

The rules are simple. Sign up as a team and all members sign a waiver. The team creates a box boat using only cardboard and duct tape. The cardboard arrived via a Long Lake Town Parks and Recreation vehicle around 3:15pm and the teams began their job.

Once the boats were created, one member, usually the lightest, takes the captain’s seat. Life jackets are recommended and the Golden Beach Lifeguards were on duty near the boats if one was submerged.

Opponents gathered and the race began. In Raquette Lake the floating lasted over 30 minutes out racing Long Lake’s first foray back on July 16th by twenty five minutes. Thirty minutes is a well designed masterpiece and team Rochester #3 won. They won a free Boat Rental from Burke’s Marina and a T-shirt from Raquette Lake Supply. Coming in second was “The Eminator” Team # 6. They received a gift certificate for $25 from the Tap Room (unfortunately the original gift certificate creation was swallowed up by Raquette Lake and Amanda Helms had to recreate the gift certificate on site with a piece of lined notebook paper she conveniently had available on her clipboard.) The second place team also scored a tour for two of Great Camp Sagamore.

The next Cardboard Boat Races will be on Friday evening, August 14th at the Long Lake Town Beach. The event starts at 4pm. Races are slated for 6:30pm. Live Music by the Horseshoe Lounge Playboys. See you there!

August Float Night Live Music and Cardboard

On August 13th, the Horseshoe Lounge Playboys will be entertaining at the Long Lake Town Beach during Float Night from 4pm to 7pm. The Horseshoe Lounge Playboys perform acoustic backwoods Americana rockin’ roots and blue grass music.

HLP performs an obscure repoirte of compositions written by all five musicians blended with material exhumed from musical tombs stretching from Appalachia to Memphis. From foot stompin old time fiddle tunes to ballads, HLP’s music is anchored by powerful vocal harmonies backed by guitar, fiddle, mandolin, acoustic bass and percussion. From time to time HLP plays unplugged & acoustic as The Bicycle Thieves of Berlin.

At 6pm look for the second Cardboard Box Float Races on the water’s edge. Participants are encouraged to build their own float boat out of cardboard and duct tape. A team can make the boat, but only one passenger rides. No one can touch the other boat, but you can do your best to try and sink your opponent. The winner is determined by the one boat that doesn’t sink.

In July the race ran over five minutes in lenght after most entries sank moments after launch. The Town of Long Lake will have some cardboard and duct tape available, but recommends you build (or start) your own at home.

The Town Beach will be open until 8pm with Live Music and games. Floating on your inflatable toys starts at 4pm. Please note, there are no floats allowed out to the town dock. Small children must stay in the designated area, but grown ups are encouraged to float as well.

Last month prize sponsors from the Town of Long Lake included: The Cellar, Kickerville Mobile, Raquette River Outfitters, Helms Aero Service, The Knoshery/LL Boat Tours, Northern Borne, Hoss’s Country Corner, Adirondack Hotel, , Natural Beauty Salon, Peaceful Gardens Greenhouse, Shamrock Motel and Cottages, The Spinning Wheel, Minerals Unlimited, Adirondack Cottage Store, Quackenbush’s Long View Wilderness Lodge, Cyber Creek Cafe, Custard’s Last Stand, Karen’s Therapeautic Massage.

Town Wide Garage Sale

Lucky 13 Had a plethora of surprises

A sample of the map

On August 14th Long Lake will be hosting another Town Wide Garage sale and it looks to be another great day of opportunity for those on the “hunt for treasure” The list of sales in Long Lake has already been marked up with several sales and it’s not even July yet. So whether you plan on shopping or having your own sale, August 14th is the day for you. Look for the Pie Sale at the Town Hall as well as the Library Book Sale also at the Town Hall on Saturday.

Not only will Long Lake be having the Town Wide Sale, the Antiques Show will be going on at the Adirondack Museum and throughout the streets of Blue Mt. and Indian Lake.

The Raquette Lake Parents Teachers and Friends will sponsor the 20th annual Arts and Crafts Fair at the Raquette Lake School on Rt. 28, Saturday, August 14, 2010 from 10am to 4pm. This is a juried show with all items being displayed for sale the work of the exhibitor on site, the majority of who reside in the Adirondack Park.

If it’s too much planning ahead, don’t miss Long Lake’s Craft Fair, this weekend, August 1st at the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion. With over 50 vendors with handcrafted items, fun for the kids with Penelope the Clown, Tents to cover you in case of rain, food made by the Lions Club and music by Reflections at 12:30pm, it will be a great time to pick up some items for your Christmas list!

Not a bad view for a Garage Sale

Fire Department Celebrates 75 Years in Long Lake

Drawing for the New Fire Department Building

The Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department celebrated 75 years July 23 -24 with a roster of fun activities for the whole family. Music by Mitch Frasier, a parade, Waterball tournament, vendors including the Popcorn Man and Willie’s BBQ. Historical artifacts were on display and the day ended with music provided by the Adk DJ and a fireworks display over Jennings Park Pond.

Waterball Tournament

Polaris Ranger can be yours. $10 a ticket!

Please support the Fire Departments efforts to raise money for their Building Fund. Raffle Tickets are available for a Polaris Ranger with a drawing slated for September 4th at the Labor Day Fire Department BBQ featuring music by the Fulton Chain Gang and another fireworks display.

The Younger Generation of LL Firefighters

Smoky Bear Parades in the Rescue Boat

Cardboard Boat Races

Float night is on Friday, July 16th at 5pm on the Long Lake Town Beach. What is float night? An opportunity to hop on your forbidden inflatable beach toys and swim at the town beach while red-cross certified lifeguards watch.

Enjoy live music by The Yod Squad and Eric Peter with Live Bait starting at 5pm.

There will be games and fun activities and the much anticipated “Cardboard Box” Race. Long Lake never found a cardboard box it didn’t like. Whether it’s in the middle of snowmobile season for Winter Carnival or in the middle of summer.

Long Lake will provide teams duct tape and cardboard and members can build a boat on site. The race goal, to sink the other teams while being the first one to cross the finish line. Get creative and make your own and bring it along. If you have paddles, we suggest you bring those too, and please bring your lifevests!

We always love a good competition in Long Lake and Friday night will be no exception.

Now if it rains… all bets are off. So please, have your weather machine charged and ready. No rain! If raining the music will be moving to the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion. Bring your floats anyway!


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